Prelims rounds for the last three slots of PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019 have come to an end, with the top 3 contenders that will earn the final tickets to the main event revealed. All 16 teams in the prelims have played very well, giving the audience some of the best PUBG Mobile gameplay ever seen.

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MEGA and Bigetron dominated the board with a lot more points than any of the other teams

For the Indian crowd, team IND is the center of attraction, with team INS close behind. However, after the first three rounds, team IND faltered hard, gained only five points during the course of the last three rounds and let the third spot to be claimed by Orange Esports, another team from SEA.

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It is just obvious that players from MEGA and Bigetron are going to be on top of the kill leaderboards

After three days of intense competition, three more teams have been picked for the final tournament. All of them are from SEA: Mega Esports is #1, Bigetron RA is #2 and Orange Esports CG is #3. The three teams gathered respectively 323, 271, and 182 points. Team IND ended up at #8 with 169 points. SynerGE and INS at #10 and #14 with 135 and 116 points.

The grand final of the tournament will take place at the Kuala Lumpur world trade center, from November 29 to December 1. The 16 Best PUBG Mobile teams from all around the world would fight for the $2.5 million (17 crore) prize pool. Team SouL and Entity Gaming would be the hope of India for the grand final of the tournament. India has only 1 grand finalist team in the previous spring split - there would definitely be more chances for SouL and Entity in this season.

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