We have shared a few tips to help you survive on Erangel. We have also gone through Miramar. Now, it’s time to visit Sanhok and talk about how you can improve your chance of earning a Chicken Dinner in this third map of PUBG Mobile.

Sanhok 1

One thing has to be made clear right away: Sanhok is the map for those who like aggressive plays and tons of bloodshed, which is to say, basically everyone. The map with its small size was designed specifically with close combat in mind. Matches in Sanhok are usually short and intense, which is why it has been increasingly popular amongst PUBG Mobile players since its release.

Due to the nature of the design, it doesn’t really matter where you choose to land. Decent loot is present everywhere, and you can easily go from place to place to find more optimal gear.

Pubg Sanhok Complex

Since you can easily get to where you need to go on foot, vehicles are not very important in Sanhok. In fact, you are better off forgoing them entirely, as they make a lot of noise and will attract more attention, which means you are more likely to get shot at. Basically, go for a vehicle only when you absolutely need it, such as when you are really far from the safe zone and need to get back into it quickly.

Sanhok also has a dynamic weather system, which you can use to your advantage. For example, you can sneak up on opponents more easily when it rains, while fog makes for a great opportunity to hide and escape. Make sure to find a suppressor for your weapon. It will make you harder to detect and thus more deadly.

Sanhok 2

The playstyle of Sanhok is incredibly straightforward: You land, loot, then jump straight into the action. There isn’t really an effective strategy or approach here, though. No matter where you land or go, you will get involved in gunfights very early. All you have to rely on is your skills.

Because of all the action, finding a good weapon becomes more important than ever. Something like the Sanhok-exclusive QBZ will give you a nice edge on the battlefield.

All in all, Sanhok is a good map to practice your shooting skills.