The PMCO Fall Split 2019 Global Finals last week pretty much ended the year for the competitive scene of PUBG Mobile. Entity Gaming turned out to be the strongest PUBG Mobile team in India and even made it to top 5 in the Grand Finals, followed by the old but gold SouL with captain MortaL. Team Fnatic didn't perform as well as people expected. Orange Rock was considered the strongest team in India, but they failed to achieve their success from the Group Stage.

But none of that matters now, because all of them are changing their roster to find the perfect combination for the next upcoming season. Here are all the details about rumors and announcements about all the changes that already happened and might be happening in the near future.

Entity Aman moves to SouL

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Aman will leave Entity

Entity Gaming made a great run during the PMCO Fall Split and they are definitely the best team in India now. But their team won't be the same as Entity Aman has decided to leave Entity Gaming and joins team SouL. The IGL of Entity Gaming, Ghatak, has actually confirmed it even before the Grand Finals on his Instagram. Aman will still be playing for Entity Gaming in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup events in Riyadh, but not the 2020 season. It is unclear now that who will be replacing Aman in Entity. Aman is one of the best assaulters in India right now. He scored a total of 33 kills during the South Asia Regional Finals.

It is now confirmed that Clutchgod will leave team SouL and so Aman will replace his place in the team. Other than that, team SouL will stay the same with Mortal, Viper, and Regaltos. There are rumors that MortaL might take a break from playing competitively again, but there has been no confirmation.

Fnatic new lineup

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Fnatic needs some changes to advance forward

Fnatic has got a not-so-good run in the PMCO even though they have all the veteran PUBG Mobile players in their team. But they lack a proper strategy and an experienced leader to make calls. From now on Owais will be the IGL of the team. Ash from team 8Bit is also moving to Fnatic and take Scout place temporarily. The team hired Pratik Mehra aka Aurum, the best PUBG PC player in India, to coach them and teach them to grow further.

Orange Rock replace 2 members

Orange Rock Esports1 Fb15_wm
Orange was considered as the best team in India

Orange Rock is the first team to change their roster after the tournament. Two of their players, Carry and ex1stence, left the team. Those 2 slots are now filled by Daljitsk from team IND and Anto from team Godlike.

8Bit is now the old Revenge Esports

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With Ash leaving 8Bit, the main roster of 8Bit will include Trilok, Akshay, Sonic, and Clutchgod instead of their old roster with Ash, Ted, Prince, Akshu and Avi. Funnily, this is the exact roster of Revenge Esports when they won the PMIT 2019.

Team IND filled their slot with Snax

As Daljitsk is no longer in IND, the team has lost their most precious player so Snax from Mega X has come to the team to fill the spot.

Zero Degree Esports

Zero Degree Esports is an undisputed force in the Indian PUBG Mobile competitive scene. But, unfortunately, due to some issue inside the organization, God will be leaving the team and join Entity Gaming in place of Aman. The other players, Paansingh, Surya, Red, and Blaezi will be staying with the team.

Reckoning Esports

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Reckoning Esports is looking for a new squad

Reckoning Esports has announced that they have released their current PUBG Mobile roster and are looking for a new and completed squad.

New team 7 Seas

PUBG Mobile teams in India will have a new team to look out for in the next season, 7 Seas. Their roster includes Zigsaw from team Rising Hydra, Driger from team INS, Imazik from ORB Official, and Viru - a substitute for Entity Gaming.

VSG Crawlers

VSG Crawlers is also a new team with an ex-ETG. Brawler member and 3 other players. Their roster is Roach, Sangwan, EvoO, and CG.