The Fall Split Grand Final of PMCO has finally ended. The event was extremely exciting – it is probably the biggest PUBG Mobile event ever held. Entity Gaming was the best representative of India on the world stage, with a 5th place finish, with an extremely close distance to the top 3 positions.

Entity Gaming is the best team in South Asia

According to the team captains and members, the most important thing that keeps them afloat is the trust between members. Ghatak, as captain, would be strategizing and analyzing enemies while Neyoo, Aman and Jonathan doing the shooting.

Below are some of the tips for PUBG Mobile players from Entity Gaming so that they could get a better grasp of the game and gain an advantage over their opponents. These tips are from an interview of Entity Gaming during the tournament.

1 – Try to watch other pro players training PUBG Mobile on either Youtube or Twitch to try to emulate their style.

Aman was the MVP of the Qualifiers, while Jonathan was amongst the top five in Grand Finals

2 – Set your control options to a level you are comfortable with using based on various guides on the internet.

3 – Practice with the newly set controls in the training ground map to get as familiar with it as possible. If you don’t have time to set your controls manually, it is ok to just copy another format from either the internet or another YouTuber who has control layouts in their video. The reason behind this is that PUBG Mobile is an FPS on Mobile – it would be very hard to make everything work with the default settings and you need every advantage you could get.

Training ground is very important in testing the control settings

4 – Train minimum for an hour daily. The training should include close encounter matches in TDM and spray practice on the training ground.

Pubg Mobile Customize Controls Large Icons Screens
it is best that you customize everything yourself based on your needs

5 – Get your rank as high as possible. With higher ranks you would get matched with better players – and only by playing with them could you improve in your PUBG Mobile game.

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