If the tease from PUBG’s director, Brian Corrigan is to be believed, the PC version of the game is going to get a new map soon. The guy has the four maps of PUBG hung on the wall of his house – his comment about “needing new nails” would probably be a teaser for at least one new map to be introduced in 2020.

The aforementioned teaser tweet about the upcoming new map of PUBG

While it is just a tweet and there hasn’t been anything concrete, the leak does make sense. PUBG PC has been rapidly losing players – both total and concurrent. The drop so far in 2019 is 82 percent. They need to do something fast otherwise the player base would bleed out even more.

Venezia Pubg
The Venezia map that was leaked a while ago - it would contain a lot of water routes so that players would have to make use of boats to move around

In the comment section of the tweet, players brought up the previously leaked Venizia map (which is currently in the work) while some others did express concerns, as more maps would divide the player base even further.

Due to PUBG’s nature of being a Battle Royale of 100 players, there are fewer lobbies than you would believe, comparing to the other popular games like Dota 2 or League of Legends. PlayerIGN, a popular data miner and leaker, did point out that both Miramar and Vikendi were revealed on the same day, December 7. If there was to be a reveal, it might happen sometime later this week.

PUBG PC has been changing a lot, with the recent removal of loot boxes and the new season, however, due to the recent introduction of too many competitors, they have been faltering quite a lot. If you are interested in more articles related to PUBG, please check out this post for a complete guide of the Sanhok map.