The 0.16.0 update is coming close with the new "Rage Gear" mode, new Erangel, and a new Season with many new unique, cool-looking skins. But no one knows that snow is not the only that will be added to Erangel. According to leaks from YouTubers, Erangel will be having a new secret island and some new features come along with the snow.

This island will be placed between the port and the city in Georgopol. There will be a large snowy castle on the island with an abundance amount of loot. Most weapons that you will be able to find here are snipers, ARs that use 7.62 mm bullets such as Kar98, M24, AKM with lots of SMGs such as Uzi, Thompson, or Vector.

Russia Map 71f5_wm
The new island will be placed in Georgopol bay

The island has lots of covers and obstacles which could give TPP players a great advantage. There are also some big rocks outside of the castle. You can totally use them as covers while looking inside the castle and snipe people safely.

Secret Island In Erangel Pubg Mobile 2 45 Screensh 768e_wm
This island is full of sniper rifles, enough for several squads to loot

The Stalber area in Erangel will be fully covered with snow in the next update and come with the snow is a cable car that will carry you to the top of Stalber mountain. This feature will add a new layer of strategy to this area. The cable car will be the perfect way for a squad to sneak into the mountain top can kill all the players there or vice versa.

Pubg Mobile Erangel 2 0 Snow In Erangel Cable Car E5d0_wm
Stalber will be fully covered with snow and has a new cable in the upcoming update

The 0.16.0 will be arriving PUBG Mobile somewhere around December 11 with the new "Rage Gear" mode, where players fight each other on weapon-mounted vehicles on a track on Miramar.