Just a few days after PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split ended, it is reported that Tencent is currently working on yet another tournament. Yesterday, PUBG Mobile Esports division has released a video on all their social media accounts to announce the upcoming World Cup for PUBG Mobile.

The event would feature 32 teams, with 16 teams from North America and the Middle East and 16 teams from other regions. All the teams would then be divided randomly into 2 groups A and B to play the group stage. From each group, the upper half would advance to the grand finals while the bottom half would be eliminated.

The announcement of PMSC on PUBG Mobile's official Instagram handle

The whole thing would happen in three days, with the finals being only five matches. The list of participants is not confirmed yet, but there are a few more details available. As the tournament is just a week away, the full list is going to be published soon. Currently, Entity Gaming is confirmed to be a part of this event, with Fnatic and Team SouL being the other two likely candidates. There would not be any qualifiers for this and all the teams would be invited directly.

PUBG Mobile India is teasing about the upcoming events as well

Thirty-two teams would duke it out for a grand prize of $300,000 and the infamous Golden Helmet cup. The event would last for 3 days, from 12 to 14 December. This is the first PMSC World Cup ever – the Grand Final of the tournament would be held in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. No venues have been confirmed yet.

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