Here are the five tips that Team SouL gave to beginners of PUBG Mobile in order for them to improve and get a better experience. These are the basics of the game – even Veterans should take note of this, as you have to be fluent at the basic techniques before performing advanced ones.

1 – Learn to deal with your gun’s recoil

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AK is one of the strongest guns in the game, however, it has a lot of recoils. You have to be very careful when using it.

This is probably a single most important part that could make or break your game, as after all the looting and moving around, shooting is still the deciding factor. Every gun has a different recoil and you might not get the same gun every time so its best to fire off a few bullets to test the gun if you are unfamiliar with it. Once you are familiar with recoil controls for guns, you would be able to keep the crosshair down and shoot more accurate.

2 – Learn to aim correctly

Pubg Mobile Zoom In
Aiming is very important, especially when you are using something like a scope. Speed is also a factor.

Aiming is another important part of dealing with opponents. If you are able to aim accurately, taking headshots and fighting, in general, would become way easier. It is even a little more important than controlling recoil at times, as a few guns only allow you to fire in bursts. Speed is also important as well, as the enemies would be moving constantly and firing back at you. Because of that, the earlier you are able to complete your aim, the better.

According to Team SouL’s leader, MortaL, it is best that new players make use of the training ground map in PUBG Mobile to familiarize themselves with the guns’ recoil and aiming methods first. You have to get familiar with the best guns in the game to get anywhere near the chicken dinner.

3 – Try to move unpredictably

Try to move around as frequently as possible to throw enemies off your trail

Standing still at one place for too long would open you up for flanking and backstabbing, especially if your position is exposed or detected. You should try to move frequently and with caution to throw any pursuer off the trail. Be careful when picking up supplies as well – the activity might get you killed more often than not.

4 – Know the maps

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Know when to set ambushes on bridges

Try to read the map and what would happen next after the flight route is revealed. Identify potential locations and draw up a plan about your drops and nearby enemy drops. It would be a lot of help if you understand the map and know where your enemies could be hiding – that would definitely help in avoiding ambushes and getting a good spot to create a trap for your opponents.

5 – Practice in a team

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Teamwork is very important in the squad mode

Only by getting familiar with your teammates’ quirk and tendencies would you be able to improve your ability to work together, along with the team’s synergy. Understand the people who are working with you would definitely be a deciding factor in difficult situations. Take the sole chicken dinner of team SouL in PMCO, for example, Mortal managed to mount a comeback and win the game was solely based on the other three members’ efforts to draw fire away from his position. They all died, but Mortal managed to win the chicken dinner afterward.

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