PUBG Corps has just revealed that the mobile version of their world-class hit PUBG finally reached 600 million downloads across all regions. This is just a matter of time, as the game is really popular in India, China, and the whole of Asia overall, some of the biggest population centers in the world. One of the biggest reasons for that achievement is PUBG Mobile’s price. Unlike the PC version, it is free to play – anyone could download and try the game out without having to spend anything.

The announcement tweet from PUBG Mobile's official Twitter handle

PUBG Mobile has definitely grown a lot since last year, as the game only had about four hundred million players in July 2018. It is a 50% increase in just 16 months. In comparison, the normal version of PUBG only had about 50 million players total in the same time period. PUBG Mobile’s popularity would continue to grow as the game is made available to more regions and upgraded with more modes and features.

Tencent Pubg Scaled Bc28
PUBG Mobile's Pro scenes would get even more money next year

While the Mobile version of the game has managed to retain its players and even attract more, the same thing cannot be said about the PC version. Based on quite a few reports recently, PUBG has lost about eighty-two percent of its player base since its peak in Jan 2018. One of the main reasons for this downward trend is the increasing number of competitors in the genre. The biggest opponent of PUBG is probably Fortnite, a free to play casual battle royale, with one player base for both the mobile and PC/Console version.

Pmco Bigetron Ra 1024x578
The current reigning champion of the PUBG Mobile world

It is expected that PUBG Mobile would continue to grow, with various tournaments planned for the pro scene. The game is also updated constantly as well, with patches for both gameplay and quality of life features. Interested in more PUBG Mobile Guides? Please check this post out for a complete Sanhok map guide.