Almost PUBG players want to get more chicken dinner and eliminate as many enemies as possible. But, before going hunting in PUBG, you need to land on the ground like a pro player. Let’s check out top parachute jumping tips for pro players in PUBG now.

Take A Careful Look On The Map Before Jumping

If you choose to jump and land on a low-risk position for looting and then run for kilometers to enter the playing area, don’t care about this tip. But if you are going to join the battle seriously, read it carefully. Decide and mark where to land before jumping. It helps you know exactly when and where to jump out of the plane. For example, Pochinki, School, and Rozhok are high-risk locations in the center of the Erangel map. If you don’t want a fast-paced game, you can head further to less crowded spots near the border of the map.

Decide Where To Land
Choose The Spot To Land On

Pay Attention To Flying Speed

After jumping out of the plane, you can see the flying speed on the right of the screen. It lets you know whether you are dropping fast or slowly. Then, you can adjust the speed base on the distance to the chosen spot. If it’s still a long way to get to that spot, hold toward button and keep your character balanced. When you get close to that spot, head down to the ground and adjust the speed to land on time.

Jump And Head To Chosen Spot
Jump And Head To Chosen Spot

Look Around And Swing The Parachute

Swinging the parachute makes you land much earlier than letting it be. Try to land as early as possible in PUBG to get the advantage over your enemies. Swing your parachute to the left and right while using the free-look button to look around before landing. You should watch out the surrounding area to notice whether there are enemies or not. That’s not only one of the best parachute jumping tips but also the key to survive when landing.

Look Around Before Landing
Look Around Before Landing


After landing safely on the battleground, run to the nearest shelters to loot necessary supplies. Don’t stroll in front of your enemies or you will die before anyone on the map.

These are the top four parachute jumping tips you should keep in mind to play like a pro gamer. To update the latest game news as well as other useful tips for gamers, let’s visit our website.