The original idea of battle royale is a fight among a group of people on an isolated island until there is one person alive. But PUBG has taken it to another level with Duos and Squads which allow players to survive together as a team. Trying to survive on an island where everyone wants you to die is much more interesting with teammates. You feel safer engaging the enemy with the knock mechanic. You can share the loot with your teammate. The strategy aspect also becomes more important, making RNG elements less impactful.

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Playing squads is one of the best experience in PUBG Mobile

Granted that your teammates will not always be nice as an angel every time with all the team killing and loot stealing problems. But pulling off a Chicken Dinner with your squad is much satisfier than playing Solos. It feels good when having your teammates to have your back and coordinate with each other. And from there, you can even become friends with each other and form a longlasting friendship.

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You can save teammate in Squad

Just recently, PUBG Mobile has made an announcement that they are going to release a new web series consists of 5 episodes called "Dosti Ka Naya Maidan."

These 5 episodes are stories about epic friendships in PUBG Mobile, all those unforgettable, funny moments with friends that players have made. The series will unfold the life stories of characters in the series to show how their determination and hard work has helped them overcome their own problems. Through this series, PUBG Corp wants to show that PUBG Mobile is more than just a game, but a platform for people to meet and make friends. The first video will be released at Christmas. Dosti ka Naya Maidan is the first PUBG Mobile series that are made for the Indian market.

It looks like the company is paying more and more attention to Indian players, especially since the last "Be The One" documentary video that features MortaL, Scout, and OR Carry.