Fans of shooter games such as PUBG or CS:GO must already have heard of Shroud, one of the best and most popular streamers at the moment thanks to his background as a pro CS:GO player. Of course, when Valorant came out he also jumped in to try out this new title that is going to compete with his favorite game CS:GO.

Valorant is built in a way to have the same kind of gameplay and strategy as CS:GO while adding the character system of Overwatch. But in general, Valorant is still more like CS:GO than Overwatch, sparking many debates on the Internet about Valoarnt will become "CS:GO killer" or not. Let's hear the opinion of Shroud on this matter after trying Valorant for some time.

On a recent stream, Shroud was asked by a viewer about his opinion on this matter and the streamer responded "erm, probably”, saying that Valorant is more casual than CS:GO, making it easier to get into. However, Shroud also believes that CS:GO has some trump cards that they haven't revealed yet such as Source 2.

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CS:GO is the main competitor of Valorant

Source 2 is a powerful developer tool made by Valve. The engine was used to create DOTA 2 and Half-Life: Alyx which are huge successes. CS:GO is already a great game, but if it is ported to Source 2 then all its existing major problems will be solved along with many new potentials.

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CS:GO is thriving right now

However, it is not likely that Valorant will be able to take down CS:GO even if there is no Source 2. The game has been staying alive for 8 years and is currently thriving. Also, history has also pointed out that there is a high chance both games will co-exist just like League of Legend and DOTA 2 or PUBG and Fornite.

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