Both CS:GO and DOTA 2 are among the greatest esports titles in the entire world from Valve. It's very common to see a DOTA 2 players who also like to play CS:GO and vice versa. But often, most people cannot afford to have time to play both games so they have to choose one or another.

Here is the solution, just combine both games into one single title and play it. The game is called Polystrike.

The game was actually revealed along time ago, but it wasn't released until April 10. Here is the Open Beta trailer of Polystrike.

You will be choosing from 3 famous maps of CS:GO Dust 2, Pool, Office with all the usual elements such as two sides Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist, buying weapons, shooting, bomb sites,... But there is a little twist. You will be playing from the top-down perspective instead of the first-person perspective. While your sights won't be limited by objects, it is limited by the range of your screen.

Thee graphics of the game doesn't look realistic like CS:GO but it is a nice touch with clean textures and even shadow of players and object.

Polystrike Open Beta 1 6 Screenshot
The graphics of Polystrike looks cute and interesting

The control is almost exactly the same as CS:GO and you will still be aiming with your mouse but in a different way. Your mouse will control a red beam that indicates the line of fire of your character and you can totally aim everywhere you want or make headshot just like CS:GO. However, remember to stand still while shooting because just like CS:GO, your shot will be all over the place if you move.

You can aim anywhere with your mouse

Polystrike is actually a mod within the client of DOTA 2 in Arcade Mode, where players can make great games based on the resources of DOTA 2 such as DOTA 2 Auto Chess, which started the auto-battler trend early last year. That means you will need DOTA 2 client to play Polystrike. The game looks really fun and it is free to play so why don't you go check out now?