2 popular titles

CS:GO is currently among the best known FPS titles out there in the world of Esports. For its basic gameplay and long history since Counter-Strike 1.6, CS:GO is among the most popular Esports titles nowadays.

Dota 2 is another entirely different game genre. Though it requires the work of 5 people to accomplish objectives, Dota 2 is more of a strategy game with a slower pace. Dota 2 is also one of the favorites among Esports games.

2 in 1?

What if we combine these two games in one title, what will it be?

Polystrike is the right answer for you. It utilizes the Dota 2 workshop to make an entirely new game mode. Now you can play Counter-Strike in Dota 2 with top-down view. Gameplay from Counter-Strike and camera angle from Dota 2 will help to deliver unique experiences.

Dust2 Polystrike 02
Your familiar CS:GO buy menu is now presented in Dota 2

The game mode is currently in development. It has yet to come out but you can see the trailer there

Polystrike in its early stage, alpha gameplay

We can instantly realize the iconic Dust2 map panning out. This time, you get a clear view from high above. The graphics are so smooth and detailed. Shadow also gives you an even more realistic look. Nonetheless, everything seems to be more “cartoonish” as you walk through the terrain.

Dust2 Polystrike 01
Polystrike currently features Dust2

In the video, you can even see your familiar door leading to A-long or the middle area where most kills happen.

Interactions in the mode

Apparently, since the game is top-down, the sight range is limited and an AWP would lose the advantage over normal rifles. Other rifles seem to have more bullet than your usual M4A1 or AK47 in CS:GO.

Polistrike is pretty adaptive to both the games. The high ground vision and sight blocked by objective seem to be working. You can’t have the vision in the place where you can’t see through. However, turning away won’t deprive you of vision. That means you can guard both sides once you are in high ground.

Dust2 Polystrike 03
Now you can confidently guard both sides without worrying about mistiming and get 1 bullet on your back

Grenades are a working feature. You can throw a Molotov or HE grenades exactly like in CS:GO. However, where smoke grenades work or not is still not decided yet.

The game looks fun and promising due to its simplicity and fast-paced nature. Polystrike will come out soon. Stay tuned for more updates on this fun project