The companion feature is introduced since last year. This feature first appeared in May 2019 as a temporary feature, in which players can find a Falcon during a match and let it ride with you during that match only. Later on, in November 2019, they added it to PUBG Mobile permanently and players can equip it before playing to bring it into the battle. However, many players are still wondering about the PUBG Companion use and how to get a companion.

pubg companion use
Companion is a new feature that was added to PUBG Mobile in November last year

In this article, will explain to you everything about Companion in PUBG Mobile and show you how can you get them now.

PUBG Companion use: What is Companion in PUBG Mobile?

Companion is a feature that was added to PUBG Mobile permanently in November last year. This feature allows you to have a pet and bring it into the battle with you. The only companion that is available in the game right now is the Falcon. If you equip it then whenever you join a battle, it will follow you wherever you go. Normally, the companion will only sit on your shoulder for most of the time and occasionally do some flying animations.

pubg mobile companion use
Your companion will sit on your shoulder for most of the time and so some animations from time to time

Some players in PUBG Mobile afraid that the Companion might make them more visible to other players. However, this is totally untrue as your Companion will only be visible to you and your teammates. Everyone else in the match won't be able to see it so you don't have to worry about that problem.

 Pubg Companion visible
Only you and your teammates can see your Companion so you don't have to worry about getting exposed

The PUBG Companion use is like skins and clothes in PUBG Mobile, to make the game looks more interesting and fun. It's quite amusing to have a Falcon by your side flying around and make your long run across the map to the circle less boring. Other than that, it doesn't give you any advantages so the game can be balanced.

The only thing that can give you some stat boosts in PUBG Mobile is Character. You can reload SMGs faster as Victor and your vehicle will take less damage as Sara. However, theses perks only work in the Evo Ground and not the Classic mode. In such a competitive game as PUBG Mobile, the last things players would want to have are -pay-to-win features.

pubg companion use
You can play PUBG Mobile as Victor in Evo Ground to reload your SMGs faster but that perks only available in Evo Ground

The Falcon has a total of 7 Levels so far. When you have the Falcon, you will get 7 animations by default. Each Level from 2 to 6 will unlock your Falcon a new animation and Level 7 will give you 2 new animations, making it a total of 14 unique animations for the Falcon in different situations. You will need to gather a total of 10,000 EXP for each level of your Falcon. You can preview all the actions of the Falcon in the Companion tab in Workshop on the main menu of PUBG Mobile.

pubg mobile companion use
Currently, the Falcon has a total of 7 Levels with 14 different animations that are unlocked through leveling

In order to level up your Falcon, there are two ways:

  • You can just bring your Falcon with you into your matches and play as usual. Your Falcon will gradually gain experience after each match and unlock new animations.
  • You can buy Companion Food from the in-game shop with a price of 20 UC each and feed it to your Falcon to increase 100 EXP. Of course, this way will most likely cost you some money to buy UC, but you can also read this article to learn how to get free UC in PUBG Mobile: PUBG UC Purchase Free - How To Get Free UC In PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Companion use: How to get Companion in PUBG Mobile

When the Companion feature is introduced in November last year, PUBG Mobile held an event that lets every player get a Falcon for free by doing missions in the event. But now, that event has already over long ago so no one can get a Companion that way anymore.

Pubg Companion event
There was an event last year where players can get a Falcon companion for free by doing event missions

That is not the end for players who still want to raise their own Companion in PUBG Mobile. You can still get a PUBG Companion use different ways. Here are some options to get a Companion for your own in PUBG Mobile if you somehow missed the event last year:

  • Buy from the in-game shop: This is the simplest way to get yourself a Companion in PUBG Mobile while it is also the most costly way. You can find in the in-game shop, under the Treasure tab the Falcon. It will cost you 1,500 UC to buy it, which is quite a lot. But if you can afford it and don't really care about the price then this is the way.
  • Buy the account of another player who has a Companion: This way will cost you some money but it will be much less costly than the first method. But you still need to find a person who wants to sell their account and take the risk of getting scammed. It's best to make an offline transaction to check all the information carefully before handling your money.
  • Find redeem codes: This is the last method for you to get a Companion in PUBG Mobile. Redeem codes are free but it is very hard to find any active code that can give you a Companion. Here is a redeem code for you to try and get a Companion but it might not work for some players: R89FPLM9S. For more information on how to use redeem code, visit our article: PUBG Redeem Codes 2020 - How To Use Them And How To Get Them?

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