While PUBG Mobile is free to play and all main features of the game are already available for every player. However, in order to make the game more enjoyable with exclusive sets and weapons skins, you are going to need some investments. There are 2 types of currencies in PUBG Mobile, BP (Battle Points) and UC (Unknown Cash). You can earn BP easily just by playing the game and doing missions. However, there is almost no way to get PUBG UC purchase free.

free UC for PUBG
PUBG Mobile releases new skins every season and you need UC to get them

You can get some basic skins from crates with BP, but the most beautiful and cool outfits are mostly released during PUBG Mobile events, Battle Pass and Lucky Spin, which require UC purchases. However, if you can't or don't want to spend real money on the game, there are still ways for you to get UC in PUBG Mobile for free. We have listed all the best ways for you down below for free UC for PUBG. All these methods are totally legal and we recommend players use these ways instead of looking for hacking sites to get UC. These sites are all just scamming you and not a real PUBG Mobile UC purchase website. You will likely lose your account or get your account banned. Not only PUBG Mobile but games like 8 Ball Pool also has fake scam sites like this.  

PUBG UC Purchase Free by Online Survey

This is the easiest method, especially if you are using an Android.  There are tons of legit online survey sites and apps on the Internet that will give you a good chunk of money just by filling their survey. You can also choose to get Google credits as your reward and use those credits for your PUBG UC purchase free. We have picked out for you some of the best apps below to take surveys and get free Google credits.

free UC for PUBG
You can make a good chunk of money by doing online surveys for PUBG UC buy free

Google Opinion Rewards

This app is developed by Google so you can be sure that you can get your shares fare and square. You can get up to $1 upon completing a survey. Google will give you surveys based on your using habit so you would want to download and try every featured app and game in the Google Play Store to get as many surveys as possible. There will be questions about all kinds of things, not only just apps and games, making these surveys more interesting to do.

free UC for PUBG
Google Opinion Rewards is an app developed by Google


Swagbucks is also another great method for you to get Google credits for free. There are various types of activities for you in the apps to complete every day and get coins such as doing surveys, playing games, watching videos. You can pretty much just make some money while doing what you have always been doing on the Internet. However, the only Google gift card that is available in Swagbucks is the 25$ gift card so you will have to accumulate at least 2,500 points to claim it.

free UC for PUBG
Swagbucks is one of the best choices to get free Google credits

PUBG UC Purchase Free by Download Apps

In this option, you will get to download and try new apps to get Google credit for PUBG UC Purchase Free Once you have finished what the apps request you to do, you will be rewarded with some points. Accumulate enough of these points and you will be able to trade them for Google credits. You might even find yourself some new favorite apps while doing this.


Feature Points will you some offers to download apps, sign up, and use them or a few minutes in exchange for points. You can also choose your own method to earn points as well.

free UC for PUBG
Try out apps for a few minutes and get some money


GrabPoints is quite similar to FeaturePoints. You can surf through their website and see if there are any apps you want to try and spend the next couple of minutes enjoying the app and get free Google credits. Most apps on GrabPoints were put there by advertisers, and GrabPoints is only served as a bridge between you and the company who made those apps.

free UC for PUBG
GrabPoints is also another great apps to get Google credits

PUBG UC Purchase Free by In-Game Events

This is the least possible way to get free UC for PUBG as most events in the game reward items. Google Play sometimes also gives away free credits on holidays but it is also very rare so they are really easy to get missed by most players. You can also check out the official fan page of PUBG Mobile on Facebook to see if there is any giveaway.

Below is a way for you to get 2$ for free from Google, but it is really rare, hard to find and is now expired.

India Bonus Challenge

Currently, there is only one consistent way for you to get free UC for PUBG, but under one condition, you must be really good at the game. In PUBG Mobile, there is a feature called the "India Bonus Challenge." This is an exclusive feature for PUBG Mobile players in India to get free exclusive items, including UC.

free UC for PUBG
Each challenge will have a different fee and amount of reward

Indian Bonus Challenge will provide you with challenges that you can choose to accept or not. However, by accepting these challenges, you will consume your Battle Coins. And if you failed to finish your challenge, you will not get rewarded with anything.

free UC for PUBG
For every 100 Battle Coins, you can get 100 UC

Harder challenges will have higher fees along with higher rewards. However, if you are just getting started, I recommend you start off with challenges that only cost 10 Battle Coins to save up more Battle Coins in case you fail to finish a challenge. For every 1000 Battle Coins, you can exchange for 100 UC in the shop or buy other items. If you find yourself good enough to complete these challenges then let's start getting your PUBG UC Purchase Free now.

A small tip about spending UC for new players, buy the Royale Pass as it is the most effective way for you to get nice items in PUBG Mobile. Also, if you can manage to get to Level 30, you will be able to get all the UC you spent on the Royale Pass back to prepare for the next season. The Royale Pass season 12 is here with new cool items and it is discounted for 200 Rs. This is the perfect opportunity to do this.