PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields) Mobile is a huge hit among the young internationally since the day it was released in 2017. It is also very well-known in India. However, things have good sides and bad sides. While PUBG is a rage in the gamer community, bringing a great deal of fun to many people, there have been several cases where its players are too addicted that they end up hurting themselves and people around them.


Playing games in excessive amount can cause people to shun social life and hurt people around them

According to a recent report, in Punjab, India, there was a 15-year-old boy who is extremely addicted to PUBG that it leads to his negative action toward his father. He stole Rs 50,000 from his father’s debit card in order to have money to purchase a game controller – pad as well as some items and gear in PUBG Mobile.

It was a huge shock for the father as he lost Rs 50,000 without notice. He did not even receive the One Time Password (OTP) sent to his phone. After turning toward the Cyber Police station for help, he found out that his cash was spent on purchasing game controller pad, costumes and custom skins on PUBG.

After holding an investigation, his teenager son was found to be the culprit. When confronted, the boy had to admit what he had done. He sent money from the debit card to his friend’s Paytm account during the night, receiving and deleting the OTP as soon as it was sent to his father’s mobile phone.  However, he didn’t know that all transactions could be spotted easily even without the OTPs.

The complainant has stopped the charges as he found the offender was his son.

The game is a huge hit in India, perhaps too huge

There are many worse incidents that happened and noted in India. An 18-year-old teen even committed suicide when he was not allowed to buy a smartphone to play the game. In another case, a man assaulted his future brother-in-law just because the latter couldn’t find the phone charger cable fast enough in order for him to continue with his game.

PUBG Mobile was banned completely in 2 months, from March 9 to April 30, in Surat and Rajkot, 2 cities of Gujarat. The reason is that academic exams will be conducted during this time.


PUBG was banned in two cities in India for 2 months

Those who violate the ban stand to face legal repercussion according to Section 37 (3) of the Gujarat Police Act as well as Section 144 of the Criminal Procedural Act, 1973 (Act No. 1 of 1974), under the authority of Rajkot City Police Act, Rajkot City Police Commissionerate, in order to maintain security along with public safety, reads the circular.