In the latest 7.1 PUBG update, the game developers have reduced the number of bots that spawn in-game. The cause comes from the negative reaction from the player community claiming that there are way too many in the game recently.

PUBG bots
Bots are thought to be game-breakers for some

Previously, the game increased the number of bots spawned on console and Stadia platforms with a view to making the game easier for beginners. However, the players experience the exact opposite. It drove them crazy when they encountered an excessive number of bots instead of real players. The company’s move does not only prove any help to gamers but also ruin their experience.

To address the problem, PUBG Corp reduced the number of bots in the latest 7.1 updates released at the end of April. The developer announced in a Reddit post that they dropped the bot spawn rate down by 75% for the top PUBG players.

PUBG post
PUBG announced the change on a Reddit post

They explain that the rest are beginners so a high number of bots will assist them to get used to the game. Because if low skilled players are matched with professional players, then they will not be able to experience much. This action of PUBG Corp has proved that developers are taking players’ feedback seriously. They are trying their best and investing a lot to make the game more and more interesting.

PUBG great
Changes are essential for PUBG right now

More feedback will help the developer improve the game and may bring PUBG back its crown of the battle royale genre three years ago. However, many players commented on Reddit that they wanted the developers to completely eliminate bots. They also say that there is not much change regarding the number of bots as before the update. But in reality, the number of bots only decreases during peak hours when the number of real players is high.