If you have just a slight interest in the Indian comedy scene, it’s nearly impossible not to note Tanmay Bhat stand up comedy. You may hear about his story from the popular yet controversial comedy group, All India Bakchod or AIB for short. After his break from the stage spotlight, Tanmay now makes his return but on a completely different path. He now focuses on playing and streaming games such as PUBG Mobile and uses his gifts to entertain viewers. 

1. What happened to Tanmay Bhat stand up comedy career?

From a rising star

Born and raised in Mumbai, Tanmay Bhat is a man of multiple talents. He is not only a talented stand-up comedian, but also a scriptwriter, a producer, performer, and actor. The comedian started by performing small local gigs, making fun of himself for being overweight. His wit and hilarious punchlines earned him a spot in the “Top 10 Comics” choice by the Times of India. 

Tanmay Bhat Stand up comedy
Tanmay Bhat was once India's adored comedian

Tanmay Bhat stand up comedy career hit the turning point in 2012, when he founded India’s first comedy podcast - All Indian Bakchod, or AIB - with his friend and fellow stand-up comedian Gursimba Khamba. The show was so successful that it brought him and the group nation-wide recognition.

To a thing of the past

Though popular, AIB often found themselves amidst countless controversies during the time of their operation. Tanmay Bhat himself had too stood under fire after publishing supposedly obscene content and inappropriate use of language. His 2016 Snapchat video “Sachin vs Lata Civil War” received negative comments for falsely mimicking other Indian celebrities. 

Tanmay Bhat Stand up comedy out
Tanmay Bhat comedy was forced to end by the #MeToo Movement Controversy

The event that put an end to Tanmay Bhat comedy is related to the #MeToo Movement back in 2018. His colleague, Utsav Chakraborty - who’s also in AIB, was accused of sending lewd messages of his genitalia to a woman. Tanmay and other group members did know about this obsession but kept it secret. The comedian then posted an apology and decided to take a break from the stage. 

2. Why Tanmay Bhat stand up comedy being neglected?

After the MeToo Movement controversy, Tanmay Bhat suffered from severe clinical depression. It took nearly a year for the famous comedian to partially recover and post a reassuring video on Instagram. If you ask us whether Tanmay would return to the career that once made him, we can’t give you any certain answer. Only time can tell that, but as of now, he found himself on a completely different path: streaming. 

Tanmay Bhat PUBG
Tune in and watch Tanmay Bhat PUBG stream

Tanmay Bhat PUBG: a new passion

Tanmay took up PUBG as the “antidote” to his depression. The comedian got hooked into playing PUBG Mobile, through which he made new friends and eventually started streaming. He credited CarryMinati, a famous Indian streamer as the one who led him into the present path. 

Tanmay Bhat comedian
Tanmay Bhat also plays other game such as Free Fire

“I want to thank Carry, who streamed a lot with me. He encouraged me to try gaming out. I feel great because I have met new people through gaming. I really want to thank everybody who watches and supports it”, Tanmay said in an interview with Tech2 Innovate.

Tanmay also shared that he had always had a thing for gaming, but never really looked at it as a career. But now, as YouTube thrives and the hyperconnectivity stretches the distance between people, streaming is now a desired profession. He used his wit and humor to create a YouTube personality that is fun and attachable. With the right approach to the young, vibrant PUBG Mobile community, Tanmay’s channel saw a remarkably fast growth. Starting with only 9,000 subscribers in October 2019, now he has almost crossed the 1,000,000 milestones.

Tanmay Bhatt live
Tanmay Bhatt Carryminati at 2020 Tech2 Innovate

While other streamers may focus more on creating a mechanically skilled figure, Tanmay builds content on the entertainment value. If you want to check it out for yourself, go subscribe to his channel, and watch Tanmay Bhat live! You can also enjoy Tanmay Bhat comedy sketches, which he posted alongside gaming and streaming videos. 

Tanmay Bhat’s tips for aspiring streamers

Tanmay’s tip for growing a gaming channel is rather straight forward: just use a face cam. Now this refers back to the thing he said about people watch a stream for the personality. A streamer should stand out from the other, and show their confidence. Without a face cam, you’re just like others who are too shy to build a connection to viewers. Another tip that Tanmay gave is to keep the stream fun and entertaining. Once you’ve established that, subscribers will come organically. 

3. Future plans for Tanmay Bhat stand up comedy, streaming, and more

When asked about his plan for the next 5 years, Tanmay shared that he didn’t know where he would end up then. “I want to be the Pewdiepie of India”, the comedian said in an interview with Tech2 Innovate. By referring to the famous Felix Kjellberg, Tanmay didn’t mean that he would replace Pewdiepie. Rather, he was talking about how he wanted to be in the position of the famous YouTuber as of now. He wanted to be independent and loved by his audience no matter what others say. And furthermore, Tanmay Bhat comedian is building his way towards being an inspiration for younger generations. 

Tanmay Bhat stand up routine or comedy wasn’t mentioned much in his recent public speakings. Maybe the former star views it as a thing of the past now, and he doesn’t want to bring it up for now. Just give him some time, we might just as well hear great news from Tanmay. His YouTube channel did revive some of the previous podcast sessions of AIB though. If you’re interested in that, definitely head to Tanmay’s channel and show him some love. 

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