Many think that it is never hard for any beautiful streamer and YouTuber to start a romantic relationship; however, the truth turns out to be different. Not long before, Rika, a popular YouTuber stirred the Internet when she burst into tears on a live stream and said that she now feels very lonely.

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With her beautiful flawless face, Rika deserves to be the goddess in the streaming community in Korea. Her beauty is one of her biggest advantages to win the hearts on the Internet. No need to say how surprised fans felt when she was apparently depressing on a recent live stream. At first, the female YouTuber started to interact with fans as usual but when being asked about her loneliness, she became devastated and upset.

Many may not know that this year, Rika turns 32. However, her naïve face sometimes makes the netizens forget her real age. 32 isn’t obviously a young age, especially for those who work in the streaming community. That may be why the YouTuber suddenly burst into tears on the stream. She sadly said that she is now looking for a boyfriend.

Rika revealed to her viewers that she desires to make love and pursue a sense of excitement. She feels very lonely and wishes to have a boyfriend right now. She is even willing to welcome a one-way love.

The hot YouTuber has recently got some hard experiences. In the past, Rika stated that she was followed by a pervert who always wandered around her house late at night.

When talking about this bad experience, Rika said that at that time, everything seemingly became scarier. It was not the first time stalkers have followed her, but in the past, they just stopped in front of her building. This time, the stalker even appeared in front of her apartment, leading to her panic whenever going out.


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