While the streaming world has attracted more attention than ever, many streamers, especially beautiful or popular ones, are seen being disturbed or harassed at least once by crazy fans. These fans often stealthily chase their favorite streamers to hunt their home or office addresses, phone numbers, or other kinds of private information, while others send rude comments or donations on the chatting channels. Korean streamer Park Min Jung has reportedly become a victim of such bad fans.

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Park Min Jung is a beautiful Korean streamer on Afreeca TV. On her recent live stream, she got a bad experience when being sexually harassed by a perverted fan.

Accordingly, when she happily revealed to her fans that she had just appeared on the cover of Maxim Magazine, as well as boasted about her stunning photos, Park Min Jung suddenly felt angry after reading a rude question on her chatting channel. An unknown viewer asked the female streamer whether she had sex with streamer A (who is supposed to be her rumored boyfriend). Park Min Jung obviously didn’t feel happy at all. She even decided to hand out a punishment to this viewer.

To get more specific, Park Min Jung immediately screenshot the message and announced to file a lawsuit against the bad guy the next morning after she collected enough proof. In a panic, the viewer quickly said sorry to the beautiful streamer but she seemingly didn’t change her mind. Things went further when she even required him to provide his phone number so that she could talk more about this incident.

However, Park Min Jung then surprisingly realized that the harasser turned out to be a schoolboy. He even doesn’t turn 18 yet. He then sent his school ID to the streamer. He was born in 2004, and that means he is just 16 years old. The sudden incident made Park Min Jung give up her intention to sue him.

Apart from her streaming career, Park Min Jung also works as a photo model. She has recently stolen the spotlight on the Internet after she is rumored to date a popular streamer, but she hasn’t confirmed the rumor.


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