Valkyrae who has recently stolen the spotlight on the Internet due to her Among Us streams has been the streamer with the highest growth in 2020. She is also recognized as the Content Creator of the Year at the Game Award 2020. A few days ago, she revealed to her viewers how much she has earned monthly via her YouTube channel. The amount must stun netizens!

Valkyrae Youtube

This female streamer said that her monthly income from YouTube is about $172k (about Rs126 lakh). That means it is just the amount the top-world video-sharing platform pays for her. The income from other streaming platforms such as Twitch, donations, advertisement contracts isn’t yet included.

$127k each month is obviously a desirable amount for a female streamer who has recently taken the spotlight on the streaming community like Valkyrae. She has just drawn a lot of attention on the Internet when streaming a variety of interesting content and Among Us since mid-2020. In the past, she didn’t gain much success when streaming some famous FPS games such as Fortnite or CS:GO.


Additionally, the YouTube revenue chart also reveals that her income this month was decreased by 6% compared to that of last month. It’s not surprising at all because Among Us hasn’t been as hot as a few months ago. That also means Valkyrae earned much more in the past than she does now.

Valkyrae is one of many fortunate streamers to have an impressive turning point thanks to currently popular games. At present, Among Us has no longer drawn as many players as a few months ago. That’s why many wonder whether this streamer can keep winning the hearts on the Internet without Among Us in the upcoming time. Let the time give us an answer!

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