Born in 1992 in Shanghai, China, Xuanziju 2 Rabbit now works as a popular streamer on the Chinese video live streaming Huya. She has more than 40 lakh followers on Weibo.

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In the past, this female streamer got strikes many times on Huya due to her sexy style. Even her channel used to be blocked for the same reasons. Back in June, the streaming platform officially banned her channel, and therefore, she has no choice but to interact with her fans on social networks. She often shares her hottest images on her private pages.

A few days ago, Xuanziju 2 Rabbit partly revealed some difficulties in her 2020 career on Weibo. She said that since March, her streaming channel got a severely squeezed reach, leading to her company asking her to sign an agreement for salary reduction. However, the streamer didn’t agree with it and then, she has had her channel blocked since early June.

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Xuanziju 2 Rabbit didn't know why the streaming platform asked her to pay such huge compensation.

While her fans have kept updating the latest news about Xuanziju 2 Rabbit and hoped she will soon come back to the streaming world, she has recently uploaded some videos on Bilibili, a Shanghai-based video-sharing website, to satisfy them. She may never think that Huya then asked her to compensate 36 million CNY (about Rs40 crore) because of her alleged contract violation.

The female streamer had a talk to this streaming platform and stated that she didn’t violate the contract, as well as had no intention to change her channel. Therefore, there is no reason for her to pay such compensation. The netizens have expressed their sympathy to her and wondered whether there would be any conflict between Xuanziju 2 Rabbit and her company or not.

As for Huya, the platform hasn’t given any response about the female streamer’s alleged contract violation. The netizens have kept following this incident to get what’s going on to Xuanziju 2 Rabbit in the upcoming time. Let’s keep updating the latest news about Xuanziju 2 Rabbit and other streamers at!


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