Many believe that it is great and safe to work as a streamer because they don’t need to go anywhere. However, the following incident is a completely different story in which the male streamer unwillingly welcomed armed intruders.

Streamer Jaykirky

The incident took place at the midnight. A streamer called Jaykirky was streaming the horror game Resident Evil when hearing a big blast inside his apartment. At first, he felt a bit confused and then decided to stand up to check what’s going on in his apartment.

Right after Jaykirky left the streaming room, his viewers continued to hear a lot of screams and smashing sounds. A few minutes later, the streamer returned to his computer and started to shakily chat with them.

It turned out that someone had just broken his window. The streamer said that the guy even had a knife, but he couldn’t call the police for help because the intruder wasn’t the only one. His team pointed the guy to Jaykirky’s head. The incident took place at 5 am and Jaykirky obviously didn’t know what to do at that time.

Accordingly, the streamer revealed that the intruders consisted of three guys with balaclava masks and a lot of weapons. They invaded his apartment by breaking the window. It was lucky that right after they realized that they went to the wrong place and Jaykirky wasn’t the one they were looking for, they rapidly left his apartment.


The intruders finally moved away and Jaykirky was luckily safe and sound; however, it was obvious that he got deeply shocked and freaked out.

He even said to his viewers that he had no intention to keep staying at his apartment. He also added that he felt very lucky because he was still alive. Jaykirky is now considering some safety measurements to avoid similar incidents.

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