Fortnite’s Galactus live event has witnessed a new record set by Grefg, a Twitch streamer from Spain when he successfully attracted about 6.6 lakh concurrent viewers on this platform.

Grefg Streamer
The Galactus event witnessed a new record in which the Spanish streamer Grefg attracted up to 6.6 lakh concurrent viewers.

Two years ago, the record of concurrent Twitch viewers belonged to Ninja when this Fortnite streamer hit up to 635k concurrent viewers on his Twitch stream.

One of the prerequisites for streamers to set a record is their streams are not related to tournament events. Back in 2018, on his record stream, Ninja played Fortnite along with many celebs such as Travis Scott, Juju Smith Schuster, and Drake. And this year, it’s interesting that the record-breaker comes from Spain.

Grefg, born David Canovas Martinez, is a popular YouTuber and streamer. Apart from Fortnite, his favorite games also include Among Us, COD: Warzone, and Minecraft. Grefg has about 156 lakh YouTube subscribers and 51 lakh Twitch followers.

Spanish Streamer

Back to Fortnite’s Galactus live event, Grefg wasn’t the only streamer to stream this event. There were also many other popular gamers and streamers such as Clix and Ninja. In fact, these streamers may face a DMCA notice from the platform. Additionally, Twitch required its users to remove the VODs on its platform.

It’s not surprising that Grefg would soon have to delete his stream with 6.6 lakh concurrent viewers off Twitch. At least, this hasn’t taken place yet and this streamer successfully surpassed Ninja’s 2018 record.


It also worth mentioning that no celebrities or internet personalities were present on the Spanish Twitch streamer’s stream. His achievement definitely depended on his addictive reaction to this 15-minute event. Meanwhile, his stream lasted around 4 hours.

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