Popular streamer and YouTuber Corpse Husband has officially received a blue tick from Twitter, and the good news has rocked the netizens, especially the big fans of the no-face streamer.

Corpse Husband
The no-face streamer has just received a blue tick on Twitter.

Although 2020 may not be a good year for the majority of the world, Corpse Husband must be an exception because his career and popularity have witnessed considerable development. Within a few months, the young streamer manages to earn a blue tick on Twitter - which users on this platform always dream of.

He spread the good news to his fans and netizens in his own way - created a short thread including some exclamation marks. It took the netizens just a few moments to realize the message Corpse Husband wanted to send. Not only his fans but also his colleagues such as MrBeast, Jacksepticeye, and Valkyrae rapidly offered warm congratulations to him. The netizens have also taken the Twitter platform by storm with a new trend #CorpselsVerified.

Corpse Husband is now amongst the most popular streamers and YouTubers. In the beginning, he drew some attention on the Internet due to his creepy voice, and now, this guy has sat on the top positions on YouTube due to his addictive Among Us streams with his colleagues. The number of his fans has now reached millions.

There are a lot of factors to help this YouTuber gain such popularity in a short time: mysterious voice, no-face identity, impressive music, and good relationship with other YouTubers and streamers including Disguised Toast, Valkyrare, Jacksepticeye, and Sykkuno.

Back in September, Corpse Husband suddenly took the spotlight when he appeared as one of the Among Us players on Pewdiepie’s stream. His special voice immediately rocked the Internet. Then, this streamer once again gained high appreciation from the streaming community when refusing a ton of donations from his viewers. He is also one of the streamers to advise netizens to support charities, instead of pouring money into them.

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