Streamer Kika Martins, nicknamed Xirilikika, aged 22, has drawn a lot of attention on the Internet due to her impressive gaming skills with one hand. On her private page, she reveals that when she was just a little girl, a stroke left her left half paralyzed and unable to respond to stimulation. Kika learns to do everything including playing games with only one hand. After many attempts at therapy, her left arm hasn’t still functioned as usual.


A video showing Kika playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) with one hand was posted on a forum by one of her “opponents”, along with a lot of acclaims and surprise. In this video, the female streamer controls the mouse and keyboard with her right hand. While her hand handles moves on the keyboard, she uses her elbow to manipulate the mouse. Kika’s video has attracted more than 2 lakh views on Twitch. The netizens have sent a lot of support and admiration to the female streamer due to her pro skills.

Kika reveals that playing games brings many positive thoughts and joy in her life. Joining battles in a game means struggling with countless difficulties in her daily life.

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On her post, she frankly exposed herself to the netizens: straightforward, honest, but full of flaws and insecurity. Kika said that her biggest opponent is nobody but herself. Although she doesn’t have a perfect body, she will be a warrior and never give up.

After overcoming a lot of difficulties, the brave female streamer hopes that her story will inspire many people so that they can get more positive thoughts in their life.

Apart from her good gaming skills, Kika has made an impression on the Internet due to her beauty. She has a beautiful face and a sweet smile. Like many other girls, she loves makeup and taking photos.

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The female streamer has a boyfriend. Not long before, the couple happily experienced their two-year dating anniversary. On her private page, Kika often uploads sweet pics along with her lover.

She also sends a big thank to her boyfriend because he loves her true personality, as well as accepts all her shortcomings. She says she feels happy and optimistic about her current life. Although life may be harsh, she knows her love will be always beside her.

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