There have been always a lot of controversies relating to streamers in the US, Canada, China, as well as any other country in the world. It can be undeniable that they have spread entertainment, and sometimes human values in modern society, but many streamers, especially female streamers are also caught creating offensive content on their live streams. Even many popular talented female streamers have faced controversies. And these girls on the following list are not an exception.

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As one of the most popular and fastest-developed names, Amouranth has brought a lot of controversies during her streaming career - that may also help her gain more popularity at present. Despite a series of her advantages such as a beautiful appearance, sexiness, knowing how to cosplay and draw, as well as to do many things, this female streamer has made her viewers tired of her behaviors many times.

She is often found showing off her sexy body on live streams. And in the past, on a stream, she didn’t wear underwear and played with her pet on the floor. Needless to say that her sensitive part was completely revealed in front of the camera. Her frank and rude reactions towards anti-fans also make her lose much love from the viewers.


Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon used to work as a pro streamer on Twitch. She has become popular on the Internet due to her seducing body and big love for cats. Alinity often plays hot games and rapidly wins the hearts of the viewers.

However, she has experienced a lot of unhappy memories and got many Twitch bans. There is always much controversy between this female streamer and her colleagues. For example, YouTuber Pewdiepie is caught mocking Alinity many times about the copyrights and how she uses her body to attract more interaction from viewers. Additionally, Alinity herself took photos of her buttock on a stream, and then, revealed her whole boobs when trying to insert a pillow into her breast.


Streamer Alinity


Imane Anys, better known as Pokimane, maybe the most popular name in the present streaming community in the world. Despite her huge fans, she is always scandalous and receives much backlash on the Internet.

On a live stream, Pokimane clicked an apparently normal link to share with her viewers, but a porn video suddenly played on her screen, making both this streamer and viewers shocked. Although she immediately turned it off, this incident then went viral on social networks.


Streamer Pokimane

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