The netizens may never think that live streaming has changed so much. A few years ago, there were a few female streamers on the Internet while they have now dominated social networks via countless streams ranging from addictive ones to awkward ones. Even newbie streamers are willing to show weird and offensive poses to attract as many viewers as possible. And Korean streamer Jun-ah is not an exception.


It is said that she is one of the hot female streamers who draw a lot of attention due to their dances and cover songs. In the beginning, this streamer was just a dim name in the streaming community. However, in recent days, she has rocked the Internet after a series of awkward behaviors that nobody but Jun-ah dares to do on live streams.

To get more specific, on a recent stream, this streamer suddenly received 30k balloons from an unknown fan, and the amount of balloons is estimated at nearly Rs 2 lakh - a relatively large amount. Jun-ah obviously felt surprised and extremely happy about the great gift. And to meet fans’ love, she decided to do something special: push-ups directly on live streams.

Streamer Jun Ah

It seemed that her channel immediately blew up with her sudden behaviors. Even after that, this streamer continued to lead the viewers to another surprise when doing a headstand and push-ups - a pose with a high difficulty level. Many men may not do as well as Jun-ah.


It worth mentioning that she wore a sexy dress on this live stream, and therefore, after doing these moves, this streamer accidentally revealed her underwear in front of the camera. Things even went further when she conducted a landing. No one knew whether she felt too tired after 19 push-ups - as counted by the viewers - or wanted to apply some tricks because her landing pose was actually unacceptable.

Donating nearly Rs 2 lakh to watch a series of weird moves, her viewers may now regret their mistake. However, many believe that there will be a lot of people to continue to donate to this streamer to watch her next surprises.

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