The netizens have got familiar with countess hot girls or hot streamers that have rocked on the Internet and on streets. It’s interesting that many even don’t learn that they have gained certain success after one night or some photos. Some even don’t have any special talent. All that they need to attract millions of viewers is just a beautiful look and know how to become sexy in front of the camera. And that’s what Sama, a popular hot streamer, has done in recent days.

Hot streamer Sama from China.

In fact, it’s difficult to find out some of her prominent characteristics, apart from her appearance. However, the netizens have paid a lot of attention to her because Sama always knows how to unleash the madness on the Internet due to her sexiness.

Apart from her beautiful face and angel-like sexy figure, this streamer is always willing to take her clothes off on streams, as well as to take hot photos. It seems to become her 100% successful tip.

Sama 1

At present, there hasn’t been a lot of information about this streamer. The only thing the netizens know is Sama comes from Yunnan, China. There have been more than 10.8 lakh followers on her Weibo account. And both her fans and netizens admit that the hot key for her popularity is nothing but “take clothes off”.

Many also feel surprised that although Sama doesn’t have any special talent, the 21-year-old hot girl has pursued her career as a streamer and rapidly become one of the hottest names in the streaming community.

It is obvious that Sama isn’t the only one to gain fame in this way. White skin, beautiful face, and sexy figure – these factors are the top priorities for her success.

Sama 2

Sama 3

Sama 4

Sama 5

Sama 6

Sama 7

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