Although streaming allegedly helps streamers soon earn lots of money and fame, its harsh competitiveness is definitely undeniable. The successful streamer of today may become a poor failure of tomorrow and be soon forgotten forever on the Internet. That’s exactly what Veteran Douyu streamer Zhang Qi Ge has experienced.

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Born in 1993, Zhang Qi Ge is known as a popular model and streamer in China. She graduated from Sichuan Normal University before working as a model. In the past, Zhang Qi Ge won many beauty contests and then, she has rapidly drawn a lot of attention on the Internet.

However, overtimes, the streaming platforms have given stricter rules to bring a healthy space to their users. As a result, sexy streamers like Zhang Qi Ge have faced more difficulties to maintain their heat and attract as many viewers as possible. This hot streamer is just allowed to stream in limited duration, making her popularity gradually going down.

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Especially in 2020, Douyu has applied a series of tight policies to streaming channels, and streamer Zhang Qi Ge can’t obviously avoid being affected. In the beginning, her popularity on the Internet just diminished, but then her streaming channel was completely banned, and streaming becomes impossible.

After the ban, Zhang Qi Ge has no choice but to upload her latest sexy photos on Weibo in a bid to keep spreading her heat. In recent days, she has posted her new pics on this platform and complained that this year is obviously bad luck. She also hoped that the year 2021 would be much brighter.


Maybe this streamer feels tired with her current situation: banned streaming channel, limited popularity, and even lost aura. In fact, her current bad luck partly comes from herself. In the past, when she was at the peak of her career, she never thought about changing herself, and just focused on attracting viewers due to her outstanding appearance.

It is obvious that the netizens have soon felt bored with her faint streams. The name “Zhang Qi Ge” has been no longer in the limelight. She may now be regretting her past narrow vision.

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