Speaking of Satomi Yuria, many may immediately remember one of the most popular AV actresses in the adult movie industry in Japan. This AV actress, formerly known as Aya Koizumi, has joined this industry since 2003. In 2008, the 1984-born girl changed her stage name to Satomi Yuria. She doesn’t just gain success in the land of the rising sun but she has become popular in Korea as one of a few actresses to take part in a Korean adult movie.

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Despite her career as an AV actress, Satomi Yuria always feels comfortable in her daily life because she doesn’t have to cope with financial stress. On her private page, she frequently posts photos of her happy and colorful daily life. Satomi spends a lot of time shopping, traveling, and playing whatever she wants. That may lead to her recent burglary.

The netizens have recently paid a lot of attention to a house invasion in which Yuria Satomi was a poor victim. Accordingly, at 11 am on October 26th, a male suspect, aged 18 to 19, was arrested for allegedly joining the robbery in an apartment ahead of the Nakameguro station - the place the AV actress now lives.


The 1984-born actress revealed that the robbers cosplayed as delivery workers. At that time, they carried a big box to cover her vision, making her focus more on the box and not realize that their knife was approaching her closer. When suddenly learning what’s happening, she immediately screamed out and tried her best to close the door. However, it’s too late. She couldn’t stop three risky robbers attacking her house.

It was reported that the gang stole 6 million CNY (about Rs 6.6 crore) in cash. They all were then arrested after only five hours. 4 million CNY (about Rs 4.4 crore) was taken back while the remaining 2 million CNY (about Rs 2.2 crore) couldn’t be found. Many may get surprised at why the AV actress puts her money at her home; however, in Japan, people prefer putting money at home to sending it into banks.

Meanwhile, some ask why Yuria Satomi was robbed, especially at her house. The building she now lives in, in fact, has two underground parking floors and up to 495 households with the securities on the first floor. Therefore, the reason for her robbery must be due to her great bad luck or being intentionally targeted.

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