In recent years, streamers and addictive streams have become a vital part of the spiritual life of many netizens. Many have felt familiar with popular streamers receiving a huge amount of money; however, setting a record on the first stream may be a completely different story. That’s also why the Korean netizens have now paid a lot of attention to hot streamer Moonwol.


It is said that on her first AfreecaTV stream on November 13, Moonwol actually unleashed the madness on the Internet. Taking down all of the other popular hot girls and streamers, this streamer topped the donation chart on that day. To get more specific, she received up to 15,667 balloons on November 13. Each balloon is worth 100 won (about Rs6.72), and as such, the first stream helped her earn more than Rs9.6 lakh.

It worth mentioning that her first live stream, in fact, lasted only 6 hours. That means the beautiful streamer received over Rs 160k per hour - an amount that many streamers desire to earn at least once during their career. If the revenues from the commercials and YouTube are included, the figure may be much higher.

With a beautiful face, sexy body, and especially always knowing how to boast about her large breasts charmingly on live streams, Moonwol has long become popular in the Korean streaming community. However, she mainly worked on Twitch, and therefore, her popularity isn’t as large as her colleagues. Moving to AfreecaTV is obviously a smart strategy, especially after she received huge donations from the viewers on her debut stream.

Apart from the impressive donation, this streamer has welcome more than 30k followers only one day after her first stream. No need to explain how attractive she is. It is even greater when Moonwol always knows how to moderate her sexy moves, as well as there has been no scandal during her career to date.

Moonwol Streamer

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