The netizens have got a bit shocked when learning that famous streamer Pokimane was talking to her alleged boyfriend on her recent live stream without notice. It turned out that she forgot to mute herself.


A few days ago, Pokimane teamed up with Ryan Higa, the owner of the popular YouTube channel nigahiga, and some other streamers to do a Twitch stream. However, on this stream, the viewers accidentally heard the female streamer talking to someone. It took them only a few moments to guess who Pokimane was speaking to.

What she said and her colleagues’ reactions were enough to cause quite a stir on the Internet. That’s true. While Pokimane had a frank discussion with her rumored lover, she even didn’t realize that she hadn’t muted herself yet.

Pokimane, born Imane Anys, is now amongst the top popular female streamers across the world. She has earned millions of loyal fans due to her addictive interactive and gaming streams. It’s not surprising that the 1996-born streamer has dominated multiple streaming charts.

However, whenever it comes to Pokimane, the netizens also remember her countless controversies and pushy fans (also known as simps). Especially, the rumor about her boyfriend has been amongst the top most-searched queries about this streamer on the Internet. That may be why she chooses to keep a secret about her private life and loving relationship.

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Netizens Response

It is obvious that the latest stream has once again stirred up the Internet and the netizens have wondered whether she continues to keep him a secret or not. Accordingly, on the stream, Pokimane said,

"I was excited for you to come here because it felt like a time where you were working around me being busy, when I tried so hard to work around you being busy during the off-season and this time right now is a bit of a tough....."

Net Response
Her simps may feel unhappy about this incident.

And then, some seemingly warned her and muted her immediately. Someone said, "Who are you talking to....Wait Imane! I muted her, I muted her.....Does she not know? "

This incident rapidly drew a lot of attention and the netizens didn’t forget to tag Keemstar, YouTuber who used to call the female streamer a “fake bitch” and has received backlash from her simp army.

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