Born in 1989, Miss or Han Yiying (real name) is known as one of the most popular and talented Chinese gamers with a revenue of about $2B a year. With her beautiful and sweet appearance, the female gamer is often called the eSports queen or a golden girl in the eSports community.

Miss Han Yiying started to join the gaming community in 2007. Speaking of this talented gamer, Sohu mentioned her as the first eSports female gamer in China. She used to become a champion of the Warcraft II - WCG in 2008 and a queen of the ZOWIE DIVINA China StarCraft II in 2012.

Since 2013, Miss has moved to work as a caster of DOTA2 and League of Legends. Two years later, she was invited to become a commentator for G-League StarCraft II.

At present, the gamer from Sichuan works as a full-time streamer and has her own brand and company. Her beautiful appearance and many years of professional experience are two key factors to help Miss attract millions of followers to her live streams.

Han Yiying 1
Han Yiying

The eSports queen from China is an endorser and model for many big brands. She used to draw a lot of attention when appearing prominently in 2019 New York Fashion Week.

In May last year, Miss got a scandal after announcing to stop streaming League of Legends because the golden age of this game was allegedly over. She said she would move to play PUBG. However, she was later caught streaming LOL as usual. That leads to her fans’ disappointment with their idol.

It is reported that this scandal partly affected her career and fame. Sohu revealed that more than 1 lakh followers stopped following her streaming channel after this shocking incident. Some brands even put an end to a contract with her. Miss then had to cease streaming games in many later months.

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