At 8 p.m every Saturday, a YouTuber by the nickname of Super Mainstream is ready in pajamas, with microphones, cameras, lights, and monitors set up around his bed. The man is prepared to livestream his entire sleep for thousands of followers. And believe it or not, thing young man actually makes quite a chunk of money from donations.

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No longer just normal activity, sleeping has been used to its full potential. Content creators around the world are "abusing" this activity to make money. The viewership of these sleep live streams on YouTube hit an all-time peak in the first week of January 2021.

Searches for sleeping videos were up by 426% compared to the same period last year. In only the first three weeks of January, more than 170 videos of this type surged YouTube, while there were only 500 of them during the whole year of 2020.

streaming sleep
Sleeping is now more than just an activity

As it turns out, paying to watch others sleep is not that uncommon. Many people love to watch this kind of content sleep because it makes them feel "peaceful and comfortable like being with someone else".

Taking advantage of this mindset, the young YouTuber Super Mainstream came up with a brilliant way to produce content. He goes to sleep soundly while subscribers try their hardest to wake him up. They do so by texting, sending videos, songs through the Alexa smart speaker. Each activation of Alexa will cost $3. After the donation is complete, they could ask Alexa to do anything, including revealing the streamer's address or call the police.

Sleep Streaming Super Mainstream
Have you ever thought you can really make money while sleeping

The 21-year-old Streamer shared with Vice Magazine that he earns as much as $3,000 (Rs 2,19,000) a week for the live streaming of 6 hours of sleep. He usually goes live on Saturday nights, since it's the weekend and people have plenty of time to kill.

Donate Wake Up
Donate to wake him up

Fun fact, Super Mainstream wasn't the first one to start the whole sleep-streaming thing. It was another streamer by the name of Ice Poseidon who kicked it off. He apparently made $5,000 just for filming his own sleep.