The Twitch streamer in question is Indiefoxx with more than 70k subscribers. It’s not the first time she got a ban on Twitch but right after her return on this platform, she immediately got another ban.

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Streaming may be a promising playground for streamers to earn popularity or money; however, the streaming platforms including Twitch always have their own rules that streamers have to follow or they will soon be banned.

Back on January 29 this year, Twitch banned Indiefoxx after she live-streamed in a hot tub. Although she wasn’t totally naked, this female streamer just wore a sexy bathing suit - which obviously violates Twitch’s strict rules.

And Indiefoxx has just got another ban because she wrote her subscribers’ names on her body. It’s not surprising that she once again has been under a lot of controversies. Some said that there was nothing wrong when she wore a bathing suit in a pool, and the streamer shouldn’t be banned in her first incident.

Speaking of the second ban, others believed that her writing the names in such a sensitive position aims to gain more attention from the viewers to her breast. In other words, she deserves a Twitch ban that, in fact, was issued only a few hours after her stream.

Furthermore, the netizens also wonder whether Twitch has seemingly favored female streamers over male ones or not. At the end of 2020, streamer Forsen got an indefinite ban after revealed a GIF showing a horse’s dick on his stream. Another incident is, xQc was banned after showing two gorillas having sex. Meanwhile, female streamers such as Pokimane or Alinity can show anything they want without any ban. Maybe it’s time for Twitch and other streaming platforms to reconsider their rules in some aspects.

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