Streaming has recently shown a lot of surprising development that we might never foresee in the past. While streamers just used to play games or interact with their viewers on live streams, the current streaming platforms are also the places for hot girls to sell online items. Some don’t hesitate to work as a model and change clothes in front of millions of viewers. However, that doesn’t mean the netizens haven’t got shocked anymore when watching a streamer streaming her changing clothes scenes. Scroll down to learn what happened to a beautiful streamer called Zoe!

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Zoe 7

A few days ago, the female streamer posted a lookbook video on her YouTube channel. It worth mentioning that this time, she played the role of a model. Zoe revealed that she wanted to save money, as well as to increase interactions with her fans, and therefore, she was willing to change her outfits on live streams like any pro model.

In her video, she didn’t just change a lot of outfits but also gave many pieces of helpful advice to her viewers, for example, when they should wear such an outfit. However, it seemed that her viewers didn’t pay much attention to what she said because the most notable scenes in her video came from the moments she put on new clothes, leading to her revealing her sexy body in black lingerie.

It’s not hard to realize that there was no sign of cutting any scene that could help the female streamer avoid leaking her “hot scenes”. That’s not enough. She even put a mirror in the corner of the room, and therefore, her viewers could see her front and back at the same time. This mirror was also supposed to help her boast about her pert and well-rounded butt.

Streamer Zoe

Although the video didn’t last long, it rapidly drew a lot of attention on the Internet. The majority gave her much acclaim about her perfect body while some hoped that Zoe would soon release similar content in the upcoming time. In fact, she seldom shows off her body both on live streams and in her private pages. No need to explain how surprised her viewers felt watching this video!

Zoe 1

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