The first female gamer of 100 Thieves, Valkỷae, born Rachell Hofstetter, has collected more than 20 lakh YouTube subscribers after she streamed Among Us a few days ago.

Valkyrae 1

Along with the huge success of the 2018-released game, the term “Among Us boost” is used to measure the growth of streamers, as well as content creators. Accordingly, Valkyrae has attracted more attention on the Internet since she joined one of the top-leading playgroups of this game.

It is obvious that Among Us isn’t the only factor to help this female streamer gain recent success. The game allows streamers and content creators to reveal their real personalities to their viewers, and thus, to win their hearts via their interesting content. And Valkyrae managed to draw a lot of attention due to her gaming skills and personality.

However, no one can deny the big role of Among Us. In recent days, many Twitch channels with the highest growth have reportedly come from the only playgroup. That means Among Us has helped these streamers earn a considerable amount of viewers on the Internet.

Back to our female streamer, Valkyrae has just revealed her latest YouTube stream stats to Twitter users. Her indexes showed a significant improvement from August to September - the period Among Us began to rock streamers and content creators in the world.

Back in January, her streams attracted only more than 1.1k YouTube viewers on average. However, the average concurrent viewers rose steadily over the months. In July, she successfully earned over 5.4k viewers. And these numbers have kept increasing in the two latest months, to 11.9k and 31k respectively.

No need to discuss how proud and happy 100 Thieves’s first female streamer Valkyrae has felt. Let’s keep following her latest growth with!

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