Cat Choupette is the lovely pet of Karl Lagerfeld – the German fashion icon who used to lead the fashion empire Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld sends such much love to his feline that even after his death, he still ensures that Choupette will experience a luxurious life with a huge fortune of up to Rs 1480 crore.

Karl Lagerfeld Cat

When Karl Lagerfeld was still alive, he revealed many times that he always considered Choupette as a real human, and his love for the Birman cat is not the simple relationship between an owner and a pet. Therefore, it’s not hard to comprehend why Karl decided to leave Choupette a part of his wealthy life.

The cat often goes with her owner on many events. With a huge fortune, Lagerfeld spent a large amount to care for Choupette. He even designed a bedroom and hired two housemaid to serve his lovely cat 24/24.

Choupette Cat

After Karl Lagerfed passed away in 2019, Choupette becomes his heir and has a fortune of Rs 1480 crore (about $200M). Apart from her luxurious life, the billionaire cat has more than 74k followers on social networks and earns many advertisement contracts. Many even feel jealous with her glamorous life.

It is said that her meals are prepared at luxury restaurants and consists of king crab, smoked salmon, and caviar. Choupette sleeps on her own bed and travels on her private jet.


The rich cat enjoys relaxing tours and it’s not exaggerated to say that she is even happier than many people. Choupette also has her own iPad.

It takes as no surprise as many have felt shocked when first hearing about Choupette’s life. Although her rich owner Karl Lagerfeld passed away, the cat has kept enjoying her life and receiving the best-ever care service due to her huge fortune.

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