In a bid to avoid lost goods, many shippers tend to require their customers to take photos to confirm their orders received, especially the ones with advance payment. That’s why a new trend of funny and unique check-ins along with shippers has recently gone viral on some forums in Malaysia, the Philippines, and other countries.

Model Pose
Here's the way model Michelle Fox shows the proof of received parcel.

Like others, blogger and model Michelle Fox has a passion for shopping online. And her check-in photos taken by the shipper has rapidly drawn a lot of attention on the Internet and received tens of thousands of likes. Her pro poses rock the netizens and bring them a lot of fun.

The hashtag #vavaengmarangalchallenge is also written along with the check-in photos. Jhoey Zulueta, a designer and dancer from the Philippines, has rapidly caught the trend. He made the shipper confused when appearing in a multi-layer dress and showing a pro pose to take photos.

Jhoey Order
Designer Jhoey Zulueta may make the shipper a bit confused.

Jhoey Pose

Shopping online via e-commerce platforms has become more popular than ever and amongst the top priorities of many people, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown. This hot trend is also known as a useful method to relieve the stress amidst the pandemic.

While the majority of customers often feel reluctant to take photos as required by shippers, some don’t hesitate to pose funny to make others laugh.

Pose Shippers

One shipper reveals that shipment is always stressful, especially when shippers meet difficult customers or those who refuse to receive the orders. It’s great to experience happy moments with good-humored and lovely customers.

The series of these funny check-in photos have been shared many times on net forums in many countries. Many have felt eager to wait for their next receipts to follow this interesting trend.

Funny Pose

Pose Receive Item



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