Techno Gamerz, whose real name is Ujjwal Chaurasia, is no stranger to any Indian PC gamer out there, whose GTA 5 focused content has gotten him close to 60 Lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. This makes him not just the biggest Indian GTA YouTuber but one of the biggest YouTubers, period.

Thanks to his charming and humorous commentary, he's able to get people drawn into the gameplay for those of us who don't feel like booting up the game ourselves. Other than his main focus being GTA 5 Online, he also plays Minecraft and various PC games, including the latest blockbusters like Resident Evil 3 Remake.

So what is behind the engaging personality who introduces us to the open-ended world of GTA 5 Online and other games out there? What are the reasons that led to his success among Indian PC gamers or anyone who just enjoys seeing Techno Gamerz play games?

Recently, Sportskeeda got in touch with Ujjwal, aka Techno Gamerz, to find out more behind this YouTube gaming phenomenon. Ujjwal reveals the trials and tribulations of building up a YouTube channel and his huge following, his personal hobbies and favorites, as well as advice for YouTube aspirators out there.

Without further ado, here's the long and short of what Techno Gamerz had to say:

Techno Gamerz Fell in Love With The GTA Franchise Early on

In his interview, Ujjwal mentioned his experience with the first video game, called Snow Bros for the arcade machines, of which he recalled his cousin inviting him to "play the game together way back when [he] was in the 3rd standard."

Techno Gamerz GTA 5 Online Ujjwal Chaurasia Interview

"I still remember it as being one of the happiest parts of my childhood," said Ujjwal of that experience. And soon he managed to get his hands on the first PC game which was the iconic GTA Vice City, and that was that.

"However, my first PC game was the popular GTA Vice City. I hadn't played any open-world games before that, and it was a blast. The game lets you do everything from driving, fighting other people and stealing vehicles, and so much more," said Ujjwal.

Techno Gamerz Takes A Lot of Care to Deliver Good Content

Speaking about his YouTube content, Ujjwal maintained that he tried to provide good commentary and planned the videos carefully before putting them out.

"My priority has always been to entertain the audience while playing games like GTA, and I try to deliver unique and fresh content with each episode. Maintaining that level of creativity is the biggest challenge I face while making my videos."

"A lot of planning goes into before putting out any video, but my commentary always takes centre stage, as I want the audience to feel as if they themselves are playing these games."

"In every video video I put out, I do a recap of the previous episode. It gives my audience a reminder of what went down in the gameplay series before. It is extremely important for my audience to follow the storyline of the game, only then they will become interested in watching a series like GTA V."

Single-player Games Are Better For Techno Gamerz to Make His Content

In the interview, the YouTuber explained his preference for single-player games for making content, as there is less intensity and competition which distracts from making commentary on the surrounding world.

"In single-player games like GTA, I have more time to absorb the atmosphere, the characters and the environment within the game world. In multiplayer games, I feel agitated and do not have the luxury of such things, especially during competitive matches."

"In single-player experiences like GTA, I do feel like my character is awesomely powerful and superior in comparison to the NPCs."

Techno Gamerz GTA 5 Online Ujjwal Chaurasia Interview

And this allows Techno Gamerz to deliver his commentary in a clear and entertaining way. He used to have to plan what he was going to say beforehand, but noư it has become natural for the professional gaming YouTuber:

"In the early stages of my channel, I used to do a little bit of planning beforehand, and figure how and what to speak. But, over time, it has become somewhat of a habit, and I do not need to plan much beforehand regarding my commentary."

"Now I do my commentary in a way that it is engaging, and everyone can follow along to the story easily."

Techno Gamerz' GTA 5 series is extremely popular and his engaging commentary is key to the appeal of the YouTube channel's focus.

Techno Gamerz Enjoys 3 Idiots and Had No Trouble Getting into YouTube

When asked about his personal hobbies and favorites, Ujjwal said he likes Punjabi and bass music, as well as the classic comedy 3 Idiots, which he claimed he has watched more than 50 times.

Techno Gamerz GTA 5 Online Ujjwal Chaurasia Interview

And luckily for Ujjwal, he did not have financial struggles prior to YouTubing, and had support from his older brother. He was naturally a talkative person as well, so he was quickly able to overcome anxiety at the beginning.

"I didn't face many struggles financially in my career, because my elder brother supported me from the very start. He supported me throughout and provided for everything that I needed. My brother is a huge part of the reason why I am at the stage that I am today."

"I don't get nervous anymore while making videos anymore, but initially when I started making Facecam videos, there was a lot of anxiousness."

"No, I don't feel any pressure at all, because I have always been very talkative as a child, and I tend to speak a lot while playing games as a habit anyway."

What Advice Does Techno Gamerz Have For Aspiring Gaming YouTubers?

Ujjwal told the interviewer that one advice he would tell his younger self is to do plenty of sports alongside gaming. After becoming a YouTuber, he had to miss a football tournament and even quit sports. This is definitely not just an advice for his younger self but to any young YouTubers out there.

Techno Gamerz GTA 5 Online Ujjwal Chaurasia Interview

As for beginning and developing a YouTube channel, Ujjwal advises others to focus on starting out with streaming the most popular games, then build on it with a social media presence. Afterward, it's important to be a good player for the games you play, as well as be experimental and upload consistently.

- Select the latest and most popular games to start with on Youtube.

- Share the videos with your friends and make your own Facebook page as well.

- Practice and get better at the game. You should be a capable player in the games you play.

- Experiment with the game and try out different things

- Upload Daily. Try Live Streaming 2 times in a week

Ujjwal ended the interview by talking about his friends' love for the mobile Battle Royale sensation, Free Fire. But Ujjwal doesn't like it himself.

Techno Gamerz GTA 5 Online Ujjwal Chaurasia Interview

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