GTA 3 and the cheats codes for GTA 3 revolutionized the Grand Theft Auto video game saga as for the first time we moved to a fully 3D environment with a third-person view, enormous freedom of action within the city of Liberty City, and with an exciting plot for the main character, which came out for the Xbox, Playstation 2 and the PC in 2001.

Generally, when players talk about Grand Theft Auto, the titles that usually get all the praise are GTA IV, GTA V and GTA: San Andreas. It seems that everyone has almost forgotten that years before, in 2001, Grand Theft Auto 3 and GTA 3 bike cheats, the game of the saga that was truly revolutionary, was published.

GTA 3 was a huge step forward in video game history. There were already titles offering broad freedom of action. In fact, the previous titles of the franchise, GTA and GTA 2 for PSX, already offered quite a large degree of freedom from a vertical perspective.

However, GTA 3 bike was the first game that mixed in one single title all the ingredients of the GTA cocktail that triumphs around the world today: freedom of action in 3D, many weapons, many vehicles, and unbridled hooligan action.

The game takes place in Liberty City, an enclave that will return in subsequent installments of the franchise. This fictional city is based on New York City and we can go from region to region and see all its neighborhoods, based on those of the real New York.

Cheats Codes for GTA 3

Up to 23 DMA Design (now Rockstar North) developers worked on a game that left no detail to chance. Not only the city, but the weapons and cars were designed with meticulous care. What's more, the company's idea was to launch an online multiplayer mode, but it was ruled out due to the usual culprits: price and time.

Had it had an online mode, cheats codes for GTA 3 would probably be even higher in the ranking of the best games in history.

Of course, what was non-negotiable in the development of the game was the use of 3D. The creators wanted to give the player a greater sense of freedom and Liberty City itself was one more ingredient in the final product.

In this sense, the power of DVDs was crucial, since CDs could not achieve this level of game development. And, in addition to 3D, you still had to put in animations, environments and, above all, sounds to the game.

Car cheat for GTA 3 used classic gangster music for its soundtrack. Almost four hours of radio sounds were added to listen while you are in the car. Audios are mixed by professional DJs with announcers.

The whole package came with the inclusion of conversations, discussions, and chats between the secondary characters of the game. If they wanted to bring the city to life, then they really did what they set out to do.

cheats codes for gta 3

We take on the role of Claude Speed, also the protagonist of GTA 2, a character betrayed and forced to live in a new city. The truth is that although the graphics of the game have been widely surpassed (originally released for PS2 and Xbox), it still seems fresh and recent in its design, copied endlessly by later titles.

In addition, its plot is worthy of the best Hollywood productions. The game kicks off with the Liberty City Bank heist sequence. There are three thieves involved in the robbery, including Claude Speed. Miguel and Catalina, who accompany him in the coup, decide to betray him as soon as he leaves the bank and leaves with all the money.

cheats codes for gta 3

Not content with mere betrayal, Catherine shoots Claude Speed, knocking him to the ground unconscious. Obviously, the police catch and arrest the protagonist of the game who will soon flee the van, with unexpected help.

If you don't think this is not exciting enough, then Claude might have some words with you. And it is not just us who say that this game and cheats codes for GTA 3 are legendary.

For starters, all gaming media agree that in hindsight, Grand Theft Auto 3 revolutionized the industry. 3D was key and both the public and critics agreed to elevate it to the category of the best games in the world.

Without going any further, in Metacritic, the site where the opinions and scores of the most relevant media in the world accumulate, cheat codes for GTA 3 Android has an average of 97 out of 100 as of today. That is, the game is at the height of the best and on its own merits.

cheats codes for gta 3

Would you like to get the most out of the game? Check out these cheats codes for GTA 3 PC and have some fun with this classic open-world game:

Cheats Codes for GTA 3 - Including GTA 3 Bike Cheats and Car Cheat for GTA 3

  • ANICESETOFWHEELS: Invisible Cars.
  • BANGBANGBANG: Explode all the cars around.
  • BEEFCAKE: Increase brutality.
  • BIGSCORE: 10 million points.
  • BLASTBOY: All weapons.
  • BOOOOORING: Slow down the game.
  • CHITTYCHITTYBB: Fly when you go very fast.
  • COOLBOY: Your money increases.
  • CORNERSLIKEMAD: Increase handling.
  • CUTIE1: 99 lives.
  • DANISGOD: 200,000 dollars.
  • DESIRES: Maximum level.
  • ELVIS IS HERE: No police.
  • FISHFLAP: Small cars.
  • FLAMEON: Flamethrower
  • FORALLGT: All weapons.
  • GESUNDHEIT: Health.
  • GODOFGTA: All weapons and ammunition.
  • GOREFEST: Bloody mode.
  • GUNSGUNSGUNS: All weapons.
  • HIGHFIVE: 5x multiplier.
  • HUNSRUS: Invisibility.
  • IAMASUCKER: All levels, weapons, god mode.
  • IFIWEREARICHMAN: More money.
  • ILIKEDRESSINGUP: Change skins.
  • ILIKESCOTLAND: Overcast weather.
  • ILOVESCOTLAND: Rainy time.
  • ITSALLGOINGMAAAD: People go crazy.
  • ITSALLUP: Level selection.
  • JAMDAVEJ: Get $9,999,990.
  • LIVELONG: Unlimited health.
  • LOSEFEDS: No police.
  • MADWEATHER: Bad weather.
  • MOREPOLICEPLEASE: Increase 2 police levels.
  • MUCHCASH: More money or $500,000.
  • NAVARONE: All weapons.
  • NOBODYLIKESME: People against you.
  • NOPOLICEPLEASE: No police.
  • PEASOUP: Fog.
  • RSJABBER: Invincibility.
  • SKINCANCERFORME: Sunny weather.
  • TUMYFROG: Unlock all levels.
  • VOLTEST: Lightning pistol.
  • WEAPONSFORALL: People have weapons.
  • WUGGLES: Show the coordinates.
  • YAKUZADEATH: God mode.

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