While GTA 5 is available for free on PC now, if you are a true fan of the series or your PC just can’t handle the game, GTA 4 might be a good choice. In this guide, we would list out all GTA 4 for PC cheats, along with the additional cheats from the DLC.

gta 4 pc cheats all
GTA 4 PC Cheats all: This article contains all the cheats you can find in GTA 4

In this game, you would step into the shoes of Niko Bellic a Serbian scoundrel who has just arrived in Liberty City, with nothing but ambition. The game has one of the most detailed open world of the time – a tad bit more than the older GTAs like San Andreas or Vice City. This game has introduced some of the more common features that have become mainstays in the GTA / Red Dead games.

However, the game has significantly fewer cheats than its predecessors, along with the lack of a money cheat. The extreme physics system still makes the available cheat hilarious and worth using, of course. We would add a section on how to make money fast as well.

1 – How to Activate GTA 4 for PC Cheats

The method to enable cheats in GTA 4 works slightly different from the previous GTA games. This game is the first introduction of the in-game cellphone – and to activate the different cheats, players need to call the respective phone numbers. Once dialed, those numbers would stay on your cell for future use.

gta 4 pc cheats
GTA 4 PC Cheats Cars: You can get all the unique vehicles in the game by using there cheats to spawn them

Cheat codes for the GTA 4 base game

Cheat Code Effects
948-555-0100 Song information
625-555-0150 Spawn a Sanchez bike
938-555-0100 Spawn a Jetmax boat
227-555-0168 Spawn a SuperGT sports car
359-555-0100 Spawn an Annihilator helicopter.*
227-555-0175 Spawn a Comet sports car
227-555-0147 Spawn a Turismo sports car
227-555-0142 Spawn a Cognoscenti luxury car
227-555-0100 Spawn an FBI Buffalo vehicle
625-555-0100 Spawn an NRG-900 bike
486-555-0100 Get weapon set 1 (baseball bat, grenades, carbine rifle, SMG, RPG, combat sniper, combat shotgun, and combat pistol).*
486-555-0150 Get weapon set 2 (RPG, combat sniper, knife, molotov cocktail, pistol, pump, shotgun, micro SMG, and assault rifle).*
482-555-0100 Restore health, armor, and ammo.*
362-555-0100 Restore armor
468-555-0100 Randomly change weather and time of day
267-555-0100 Clear Wanted level*
267-555-0150 Increase Wanted level (by one star).

Activation of the cheats with * could disable some achievements (that would not stop you from getting 100% of the game, however). GTA 4 PC Cheats Cars won't affect any achievements.

gta iv pc cheats
GTA IV PC Cheats: The attack helicopter comes with two mounted rocket launchers

2 – GTA IV for PC Cheats From DLCs

GTA IV’s 2 DLCs, The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony also add some more cheats into the game – everything from the original still work, of course. Most of the additions are cheat codes to summon the DLC vehicles, however.

Cheat codes for The Lost and the Damned

Cheat Code Effects
245-555-0125 Spawn Double T
245-555-0150 Spawn Hexer
245-555-0199 Spawn Hakuchou
826-555-0150 Spawn Burrito
826-555-0100 Spawn Slamvan
245-555-0100 Spawn Innovation

Cheat codes for The ballad of Gay Tony

Cheat Code Effects
625-555-0200 Spawn Akuma (motorcycle)
359-555-7272 Spawn Parachute
272-555-8265 Spawn APC (tank)
227-555-9666 Spawn Bullet GT
625-555-3273 Spawn Vader (motorcycle)
276-555-2666 Super punch
486-555-2526 Enable exploding sniper rifle bullets
468-555-0100 Randomly change weather

3 – GTA 4 PC Cheats Money/ how to get infinite money in GTA 4

As there is no way to cheat out money in GTA 4, you would need to actually put some more effort in and use this little trick instead.

gta 4 pc cheats all
GTA 4 PC Cheats All: You can get yourself some of the best vehicles right away using cheats

Firstly, you would need to block the streets near an ATM and create a traffic jam. Afterward, wait near the ATM for someone to come and withdraw money.  Kill them once they do – due to the traffic jam you created, the ambulance won’t be able to get through to the dead body. Take the money, walk a short distance away then come back – more money should spawn on the ground near the body. Grab them and repeat the process as many times as you need to. You can even kill multiple citizens to make the glitch more effective/faster.

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4 – GTA IV Friendship Bonuses

After you have built up a friendship with your friends to a certain level, some additional bonuses would be unlocked

Requirement Bonus
Achieve 80% relationship status with Alex. Get 50% off at any clothing store.
Achieve 70% relationship status with Brucie. Call a helicopter to pick you up.
Achieve 80% relationship status with Carmen. Receive an emergency health boost.
Achieve 60% relationship status with Dwayne. Call back-up from gang members.
Achieve 80% relationship status with Kiki. Remove 3 Wanted stars.
Achieve 60% relationship status with Little Jacob. Get a discount on guns.
Achieve 75% relationship status with Packie. Call for a car bomb.
Achieve 60% relationship status with Roman. Get a free ride.

5 – Other miscellaneous GTA 4 secrets

To unlock the location of all the secrets on the map, you would need to get to an internet cafe and enter the URL www.whattheydonotwantyoutoknow.com.

100% the game would remove the ammo limit on weapons.

GTA 4 PC Cheats Cars
GTA 4 For PC Cheats: The Ballad of Gay Tony is probably the best GTA DLC ever made - it is very recommended to play

To find the heart of Liberty City, you would need to fly a helicopter over to the Statue of Liberty then try to jump out of the helicopter at the statue's feet. You would land on the topmost tier of the thing, which is a square platform with two doors in the middle of each side. Run around the platform until you find a special door with a plaque on its sides "No hidden content here". Walk right through the door - you would find an empty room, with a tall ladder. Climb it to find the heart of the city - a gigantic beating heart held in place by chains.

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