Besides the main quest, players can also participate in a lot of interesting side activities in the GTA series, including playable sports. These sports activities do not affect the narrative and can make the playthrough more immersive, as they are built around the franchise's open world mechanic.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to list out the 5 best playable sports in the GTA series to date.

1. Basketball (GTA San Andreas)

While many basketball courts can be seen through the series, only Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas allows the player to actually play basketball. Players can earn points by throwing the ball into the hoop - the further they are from the hoop, the more points they earn.

Basketball Gtasa Challenge
CJ can spin the ball on his finger or do a slam dunk while closing in.

The ability to play basketball is unlocked after completing the mission "Tagging Up Turf", when basketballs may appear on basketball courts. There are no rewards for this minigame.

2. Tennis (GTA 5)

Tennis is unlocked after the mission Complications. Afterward, players can play Tennis with dates or against AI opponents of varying difficulty. Players need to win a game of Tennis to get 100% completion of GTA 5.

Only Michael or Trevor can play Tennis.

Players can use a number of different tennis shots such as lobs, topspins and backspins. Additionally, they can also win some money by winning a tennis game.

3. Bowling (GTA 4)

Bowling is a game that can be played alone or against a friend or girlfriend. It unlocks during the First Date mission, and afterward, players can enjoy it at any time.

Maxresdefault 1
The achievement Gobble Gobble is given if the player scores a "turkey" (three strikes in a row).

It can be played at two bowling alleys owned by Memory Lanes and players can choose between a half game and a full game. A win is needed for 100% completion of GTA 4.

4. Darts (GTA 4, GTA 5)

Darts is a sport minigame where players throw darts at a board. This is one of the few games that appear in more than one GTA game.

Maxresdefault 2
Darts is available when on dates, while socializing with friends, and when alone.

In GTA IV, it is possible to play darts in the following locations: Steinway Beer Garden in Dukes, and Lucky Winkles in Algonquin. In GTA V, there's only The Yellow Jack Inn in Great Senora Desert, next to Sandy Shores. Additionally, players can also play Darts inside their MC clubhouse and arcade heist-planning level.

5. Triathlon (GTA 5)

A Triathlon is a multi-stage marathon that features swimming, biking and running. All three activities increase one's stamina, strength, and lung capacity. Players need to get a medal in each activity for 100% completion of GTA 5.

Gtav Ps4 Hd Screencaps Xxx Xx 1
Triathlons are harder than they seem, as the AI cheats to catch up with the player.

There are a total of 3 Triathlons. Players can participate in Triathlon at Vespucci Beach, Seaview Road, and Marina Drive. The first one becomes available after the mission Daddy's Little Girl, and the other two are unlocked as the player completes the previous triathlons.

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