The Black Friday Sale for GTA Online is finally here, with many iconic vehicles getting amazing discounts. If players haven't purchased them yet, it might be time to grind and splurge.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the top 8 best vehicles to buy in GTA Online Black Friday Sale.

1. Imponte Deluxo - 50% off

Coming in at $4,721,500, the Deluxo is one of the most ridiculously expensive vehicles whose popularity went down the drain after the Oppressor MK II hit the market. The car draws inspiration from the DeLorean DMC-12 and is a direct reference to the 1985 hit film Back to the Future.

The Deluxo Fly
Imponte Deluxo

The car comes with a bunch of unique features such as 2 front-facing machine guns and two homing missile launchers, which are very useful when fighting against griefers.

2. Buckingham Swift Deluxe - 40% off

The golden helicopter Swift Deluxe is the second most showy aircraft in the game. Overall, it is more or less the same as a classic Swift outside of the gold plating and black stripes. However, its speed is a little bit slower due to the heavy gold coat.

Swift Deluxe
Swift Deluxe

The interior of the plane is fitted with luxury gears - from a TV screen to surround sound and leather furniture. There's also a coffee machine. Overall, this plane is great for GTA RP. Combat-wise, the helicopter is pretty much useless.

3. Pegassi Toreador - 50% off

The Pegassi Toreador is a custom submersible sports car featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Cayo Perico Heist update. Overall, except for the fact that it cannot fly, the car is perfect. It is armed with missiles that turn into torpedoes underwater, machine guns, and superior armor plating that can take a fair bit of punishment.


Its best feature, however, is the Rocket boost that lets the car zip forward for a short distance - perfect to evade enemies' homing missiles.

4. Declasse Scramjet - 50% off

The Declasse Scramjet is a custom weaponized vehicle released in GTA Online as part of the After Hours update. The Scramjet takes cues from the popular 1960s Anime series Speed Racer and the lead car, the Mach Five. If players paint the Scramjet black, it would look super similar to the comic Batmobile.


The Scramjet provides you with machine guns and missiles, which are standard weapons. What makes it stand out is its 2 abilities to jump and boost. You can use these 2 abilities at the same time, creating some pretty amazing maneuvers. While it is not the strongest vehicle in the game, you will definitely have some great fun driving it. Weapon-wise, players have the option to use their two front-facing machine guns and two homing missiles.

5. HVY Chernobog - 50% off

The HVY Chernobog is a weaponized Military vehicle that carries an amazing missile system that can blast any kind of flying vehicle out of the sky. Most griefers use flying vehicles like the OppressorMK2.

Chernobog Gtao Front
HVY Chernobog

The rocket system can fire up to five rockets, either independently or in a quick burst. The lock-on range of missiles reaches an excessively high 1000 meters according to the game files (the same as the effective range of Marksman Rifle) and the guidance capability of missiles will even stress experienced pilots in P-996 LAZER.

The missiles are more accurate than most and can even turn around to pursue aircraft that they missed initially.

6. Pegassi Oppressor Mk II - 50% off

The Oppressor MK2 is probably one of the most annoying vehicles ever released in GTA Online. It is small, fast, hard to hit and packs a lot of rockets. MK2 users are more often than not griefers who want to kill you just for fun. Sometimes, the only way to get back at griefers is by purchasing the same vehicle they themselves use.

Pegassi Oppressor Mk Ii
Oppressor MK2

While the hoverbike was just nerfed, its offensive capability of the hoverbike is more or less intact if players can hit their shots.

7. Galaxy Super Yacht - 50% off

This is the final top-tier property that you could buy in GTA Online. The Galaxy Super Yacht is pretty much a moving penthouse on water, with various luxurious features placed in 3 individual decks and a large bridge. The Pisces model is the best - you would have pretty much everything without having to spend any extra. Its various upgrades are also discounted as well.

Galaxy Super Yachts
Galaxy Super Yacht

The ship costs $7 million,  is 210 feet long and has three guest rooms, an expansive sun deck, two helipads, a hot tub, and a variety of different air and water vehicles that can be taken out on a spin.

8. Imponte Ruiner 2000 - 40% off

The Imponte Ruiner 2000 is a modified muscle car featured in GTA Online as part of the Import/Export update. With it being one of the most expensive vehicles in the game, the Ruiner is top tier in pretty much every aspect, especially defense. Its speed and maneuverability are higher than the insurgent... and that's why it is higher on the list.

Ruiner 2000
Ruiner 2000

Weapon-wise, the Ruiner 2000 comes with tons of features. It has machine guns and homing missiles, along with a power hop mechanism and parachute hatch. The homing launchers equipped on the Ruiner 2000 are extremely deadly - they track targets super well.

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