Words fail to describe the insane popularity of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise. Since its first introduction to the world of gaming in October 1977, the series has gone such a long way and achieved massive success. The latest installment - GTA V is the second best selling game of all-time with over 1,300,000 copies sold worldwide, generating over $6 billion of revenue. But, such numbers won’t be a reality without the sturdy foundation that previous installments had laid down. Today, we’re bringing you one of those classics on a guide to GTA SA for PC cheats, and how to GTA San Andreas all missions complete cheat easily. 

GTA SA For PC Cheats: About The Game 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the seventh installment of the famous franchise, developed by Rockstar North, and published by Rockstar Games in 2004. The game follows the classic open-world adventure concept that allows players to freely explore and interact with surrounding elements. The game revolves around a former gangster Carl Johnson (CJ), who comes home after the death of his mother. His story leads players through a journey across the fictional city of San Andreas, which is based on California and Nevada. 

gta sa for pc cheats cj and ryder
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas revolves around CJ and Ryder

Gta San Andreas mission skip cheats for PC will help you explore the game with various references to the real-world - featuring a plot heavily based on the actual events that happened in Los Angeles in the early 1990s. It features street gang violence, the crack epidemic, the Rampart Scandal, and the 1992 LA riots. San Andreas brings refreshingly new touches that later incorporated into future installments, such as RPG gameplay, clothing, and vehicle customizations. Dubbed as one of the greatest video games ever created, GTA SA received multiple praises and became the best selling game of 2004.

GTA SA For PC Cheats: Code List

Being an open-world adventure game, there are so many elements in San Andreas that can have an effect on your experience. Sometimes, you may even lose track of what you’re doing with the game. Luckily, we can always count on the help of the trusty cheat codes. Here’s the list of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for PC cheats for your reference.

gta sa for pc cheats check out
Check out our list of GTA SA for PC cheats

GTA San Andreas For PC Cheats: Gameplay And World Cheats 

These codes alter the gameplay mechanics and affect the map/NPCs in San Andreas:

  • Restore health, armor, give $250,000, repair vehicle: HESOYAM
  • Give infinite health: BAGUVIX 
  • Infinite oxygen: CVWKXAM
  • Weapon set 1: LXGIWYL
  • Get Set 3: UZUMYMW
grand theft auto san andreas for pc cheats guns
Why spend a fortune on weapons while you can get them for free using the cheat codes?
  • Auto vehicle handling: STICKLIKEGLUE
  • Enter Adrenaline mode: ANOSEONGLASS
  • Give infinite ammo without reloading: FULLCLIP
  • Add 2 wanter level: TURNUPTHEHEAT
  • Delete wanted level: TURNDOWNTHEHEAT
  • Change to fat character model: BTCDBCB
  • Muscular character model: BUFFMEUP
  • Skinny character model: KVGYZQK
  • Turn off wanted level: AEZAKMI
  • Max out wanted level (6 stars): BRINGITON
  • Maximum respect: WORSHIPME
  • Max sex appeal: HELLOLADIES
  • Maximum stamina: VKYPQCF
  • Acquire hitman level for weapon stats: PROFESSIONALKILLER
  • Max out vehicle skills: NATURALTALENT
  • Fast movement speed: SPEEDITUP
  • Slow movement speed: SLOWITDOWN
  • Citizens fight with golf clubs: AJLOJYQY 
  • Put a bounty on your head: BAGOWPG
  • Make pedestrians hunt you down: FOOOXFT
  • Commit suicide: GOODBYECRUELWORLD
  • Change citizen to Elvis model: BLUESUEDESHOES
  • Citizens fight with rocket launchers: BGLUAWML
  • Open beach party mode: LIFESABEACH
  • Enter gang member mode: ONLYHOMIESALLOWED
  • Gain gang control: BIFBUZZ
gta sa pc cheats download gang
You can easily gain control of gangs and crews with these GTA SA cheat codes
  • Change to ninja theme: NINJATOWN
  • Women start talking to you: BEKKNQV
  • CJ jump bunny hop: CJPHONEHOME
  • Jump super long: KANGAROO
  • Enter riot mode: STATEOFEMERGENCY
  • Enable funhouse mode: CRAZYTOWN
  • Recruit gang members: SJMAHPE
  • Make all cars explode: CPKTNWT
  • Invisible cars: WHEELSONLYPLEASE
  • Turn all traffic lights green: ZEIIVG
  • Drivers turn aggressive: YLTEICZ
  • Change car color to pink: LLQPFBN
  • Car color to black: IOWDLAC
  • All cars are cheap: EVERYONEISPOOR
  • Cars are fast: EVERYONEISRICH
  • Give flying cars: CHITTYCHITTYBANGBANG
  • Flying boats: FLYINGFISH
  • Decrease cars’ endurance: JCNRUAD
  • Give all cars nitro: SPEEDFREAK
  • Moon car gravity: BUBBLECARS
  • Enable free aim while driving: OUIQDMW
  • Cut down on traffic: GHOSTTOWN
  • Spawn country vehicles: FVTMNBZ
  • Country vehicles and citizens: BMTPWHR

GTA San Andreas For PC Cheats: Spawn Cheats

Use these codes to spawn all kinds of vehicles you want, even tanks!

  • Jetpack: ROCKETMAN
  • Rhino Tank: IWPRTON
  • Parachute: AIYPWZQP 
  • Bloodring Banger: OLDSPEEDDEMON
  • Rancher: JQNTDMH
  • Racecars: VROCKPOKEY
gta sa pc cheats download rhino tank
Get yourself a Rhino Tank and go crush the city!
  • Trashmaster: TRUEGRIME
  • Caddy: RZHSUEW
  • Hydra: JUMPJET
  • Vortex Hovercraft: KGGGDKP 
  • Hunter: OHDUDE
  • Tanker truck: AMOMHRER
  • Stunt plane: FLYINGTOSTUNT
  • Monster: MONSTERMASH

GTA San Andreas For PC Cheats: Weather Cheats

These codes will give you total control of San Andreas’ weather: 

  • Give sunny weather: PLEASANTLYWARM
  • Super sunny weather: TOODAMNHOT
  • Overcast weather: ALNSFMZO - Overcast Weather
  • Rainy weather: AUIFRVQS
  • Foggy weather: CFVFGMJ
gta sa for pc cheats
Though having a diverse cheat codes collection, GTA SA doesn't allow you to skip missions naturally
  • Fast forward the time: YSOHNUL
  • Stay in midnight: NIGHTPROWLER
  • Orange sky: OFVIAC
  • Thunderstorm weather: SCOTTISHSUMMER 
  • Sandstorm weather: CWJXUOC

GTA SA For PC Cheats: How To Skip Missions

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, unfortunately, isn’t an installment of the franchise in which “skipping” is available. It means that there aren’t GTA San Andreas PC cheats to complete all missions. You must take on the challenge with your own skills and with the help of the codes above, we can’t imagine it’ll be that hard. However, if you still want to skip the missions entirely, just download the saved files and replace yours with them. Many sites on the Internet offer these files, but you should go for trusty sites like Gtaforums.com. Download the mission you want, then simply replace them into your GTA SA folder. But, where’s the fun in that?

Grand Theft Auto is always a great title to enjoy, regardless of your level of skills, experience, or game knowledge. San Andreas is no exception. You can always count on the GTA SA for PC cheats to help you learn the game, and even have a little fun running across the city in a Rhino Tank. That’s all it is for now on our guide on GTA SA PC cheats download. For more insightful guides, tips, and tricks, visit our website at GuruGamer.com.