Despite the fact that GTA 5 has been on the market for a long time, thanks to the GTA Online multiplayer mode, many users continue to stick to this Rockstar experience until the next installment comes out in the coming years. The recent free release on the Epic Games Store attracted thousands more who skipped out on the game previously who are now looking for a GTA 5 online beginners guide.

gta 5 online beginners guide

In any case, starting to play GTA 5 Online from the beginning can be very cumbersome, but if you have access to a GTA 5 online beginners guide to making money you will have it much easier. This list of must-have cheats for GTA Online will save you a lot of dollars, but also time, which will allow you to get better scores and rewards during the course of the multiplayer games.

Without further ado, here are 20 essential tricks of this GTA 5 online beginners guide 2020 that will save you a lot of time and also dollars on your games, both for experienced players and for beginners.

GTA 5 Online Beginners Guide 2020 - 20 Essential Money-Saving Tricks You Should Know

  • If what you want is for your vehicle to reappear as quickly as possible, do not do the usual procedure of opening your mobile phone and looking for the mechanic. The best and fastest way is to open the interaction menu, and look for the vehicles option and ask for a personal vehicle.
  • To cross the map as quickly as possible, look for a helicopter. For this, you must be very clear where the heliports are in the city and on the rest of the map. In the middle of the city, you have a place for helicopters to appear in the western area.

gta 5 online beginners guide

  • You can teleport through the properties you have. So open the interaction menu and you can change to your new property, and then restart the game and appear there.
  • Another way to teleport quickly is to accept an invitation from other users for one of their missions or properties, and you will be taken there much faster, although here you have to depend on someone else.
  • If you want to steal a car much faster and free yourself from a few animations, shoot the driver through the window of the car you are going to steal and you will see that the character will steal it faster.

Police Maverick

  • When you are at a high wanted level, and you need to get rid of a police helicopter, the best way to shoot down a helicopter is by shooting it in the rear tail, never in the cockpit.
  • Do not spend too much of your money on sports cars, since many you can get for free, or by stealing, etc. Instead, invest in one that has bulletproof bodywork since it will be worth both to carry out missions and to move around the map.
  • Kuruma is one of the best vehicles you can buy in the game, not only because it has a bulletproof body, but because it is a sports car with great speed that will allow you to go from one location to another in a fancy way.

Karin Kuruma Sports Car GTA 5

  • Avoid unnecessary confrontations with other players, because already at the moment in which we find ourselves, practically all users have the most advanced weapons and powerful vehicles. To enter this type of confrontation is to waste ammunition, life, and risk many options to be eliminated.
  • Don't play alone. Although you can enjoy this solo multiplayer experience, you will never get the same records as if you enjoy the games with friends or with another group of users. In addition, most missions that give money must be done in a group.

gta 5 online beginners guide

  • The best weapons you can use at first in level one that can get you out of trouble are the special carbine and the extended mag. If you are not convinced by any of them you can also try the micro SMG.
  • The best place to mislead the police is through the sewers, which can be entered at various locations on the map such as the casino area to the east. Also on the highway in the city center, you have an entrance to the sewers where you can easily mislead the police.
  • As there is no regeneration of health, you must settle for eating all kinds of snacks that you can buy in the different qualified shops that are very cheap, and we advise you to get as many food items as you can.
  • One of the best places where you can get rewards is the casino, and it is recommended that you make use of the free spin for the fortune roulette that you have on a daily basis.
  • The missions that are usually more profitable when it comes to getting money are the VIP missions. So access your interaction menu and try to participate in the VIP missions that are currently enabled. Realize that you need to have $50,000 in your bank to become a VIP and also have a CEO office.
  • Of the most profitable VIP missions that you can access are the Headhunters because they are quite quick and on top of that they pay a good amount of money.

gta 5 online beginners guide

  • Take advantage of the weekly bonuses that are announced in the different updates by Rockstar, because you can get discounts on vehicles, but also on bunkers or property updates.
  • Although it is paradoxical, the best way to earn money is by spending it, but spending it on investments. To do this, make use of all kinds of investments, such as the motorcycle business or any other illegal business, where you can obtain weekly earnings higher than your investment.
  • Now a common sense tip: do some research before investing a lot of money in a business. For example, if you are going to enter the motorcycle business, make sure you do research on what you can earn with that business.
  • As you well know, for each day in the game which is the equivalent of 48 real-life minutes, you must pay all your employees. To avoid this, reset the counter, and then you can find and enter a new session before that time expires.

Thanks to this useful GTA 5 online beginners guide 2020 that is almost like cheats for GTA 5 Online, you can save a lot of money but also a lot of time.

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