Recently, GTA 5 became a free game to own on Epic Games for one week, and the 2013 Rockstar title underwent another revival. Are you one of those new players who want to get a million GTA $ in no time even though you just started playing GTA Online? Well, do not miss this short guide in which we reveal the steps you must follow.

Money is very important in GTA 5 and Online, so if you want to be rich soon after starting to play there are a series of missions that will give you a good amount of money in no time. There are many options, let's take a look at some of them.

How to Get a Million GTA$ As a First Time GTA 5 Online Player

  • One of the methods that could win you a lot of money is the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel. Try your luck in your daily print run and wait until you get $30.00 or even the car. Apart from this, you can also perform treasure hunts.
  • Wait until you receive the email from Van der Linde and follow the leads to win $250,000. You must first search for a totem pole in a yellow area on the map, search for a series of clues and access a cave with a corpse.

GTA 5 Online casino Lucky Wheel bug is handing out wrong rewards ...

Another treasure hunt will be commissioned by Maude. This time we have to act as a bounty hunter, so wait for Maude's message and prepare to hunt your prey. For each contract that you solve without killing the subject, you will receive 10,000 dollars. Once you complete five, Maude will send you to a location to pick up an ax. Kill 25 NPCs with that weapon and you will earn 250,000 GTA$.

Another way to get another GTA $250,000 is to do 50 kills with the Navy Revolver.  Get this weapon and earn another good amount of money. Finally, to earn another $250,000, you can try out the VIP missions. To be able to participate in them you need to access from the Interaction menu and have $50.00 in the bank.

Of course, take advantage of weekly missions and bonuses to increase the amount of money you earn by completing missions. These do not have much difficulty and will hardly take more than 45 minutes of your time, so they are highly recommended jobs.

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