GTA 5 is one of the best installments of the Grand Theft Auto series to be published by Rockstar Games. The 2013 action-adventure game received universal critic acclaim for its gorgeous graphics, in-depth storyline, and most of all, amazing gameplay. It’s the online multiplayer feature that makes GTA 5 stands out from its previous predecessors. The feature allows up to 30 players to simultaneously roam the familiar open-world map of San Andreas. Today, we’ll take a look at GTA 5 online how to earn money fast - one of the most important aspects of the multiplayer mode. 

Before We Get Into GTA 5 Online How To Earn Money

You can describe the online gameplay of GTA 5 a depiction of the real world (more like the underground world of gangsters). It means the city of San Andreas operates in the same way as any city on the surface of the Earth - around money. In-game cash is the most important resource in GTA 5 online. You can use it to buy properties, apparel, guns, equipment - which later end up generating more revenue. However, some may find it’s difficult to navigate through the open world of the game and earn enough cash to call it a great start. 

 gta 5 online how to get money cash
In-game cash is what you will use to buy pretty much everything in GTA 5 Online

But we’re here today to change all that. We’ll give you a detailed guide on GTA 5 online how to make money fast in different stages of the game. Stay tuned as we explain the best ways to stuff your pockets from start to finish. 

GTA 5 Online How To Earn Money: Getting Started 

After completing the first mission in Grand Theft Auto 5 and the online tutorial, you can now join other players on GTA 5 online servers. The early stages of the game may arguably the hardest for newbies. It acts as a platform to determine basically your future in San Andreas. Therefore, getting hold of a good amount of cash will go the great length. If you grabbed the GTA 5 Premium Edition for free on Epic Games Store during their giveaway, then congratulation, you’ve already had $10,00,000 to start with. If not, here are the ways you can grind for some cash in the early game without much equipment.

 gta 5 online how to get money start
Here's what you should be doing in the early game

Stealing Cars ($4.5k per delivery)

Classic! You can never go wrong with stealing cars for cash in the early stages. It may be the most efficient method to start with nothing more than your pair of fists. Cruise down the streets of San Andreas to locate your targets. Once you’ve jacked a ride, bring it to any Los Santos Customs Shop to sell. The cleaner the job, the more money you make from the car. It's the safest GTA 5 online how to earn money method at the start. However, just ignore luxurious sports cars and go for easy SUVs and Coupes - they’re always in high demand. Also, you can only sell a stolen car once per day, so take a note on that. 

gta 5 online how to make money solo steal cars
Nothing beats the good old classic - stealing cars for cash

This’s a list of ride you want to aim for:

  • Felon GT ($9,5k)
  • Gallivanter Baller ($9k)
  • Lampadati Felon ($9k)
  • Ocelot F620 ($8k)
  • Ubermacht Oracle ($8k)

Robbing Stores ($1-5k per job)

Another classic in GTA 5 online how to make money. It’s better than stealing cars, but also riskier. Some shopkeepers will try to shoot back at you if you come to their stores with a gun, and you may get recorded by the camera. So, robbery needs a bit of planning. Buy yourself a facemask to hide your identity, and always stay in shooting-ready mode. If possible, steal a chopper from the airport to use as a getaway. Each successful robbery should net you around $1-5k easily, even more, if you shoot the shopkeepers and take the extra. 

gta 5 online how to make money solo robbery
Robbing stores are more efficient, but also more dangerous

GTA 5 Online How To Earn Money: Mid-game

After accumulating enough cash from small jobs in the early game, it’s time to start making real money. 

Premium Races ($80k per race)

Requirement: A fast vehicle and excellent racing skills

Take your driving skill to a test and win some cash in premium races. Find race locations (a golden stunt wheel) and compete with 7 other players in the lobby. Each of the contenders will be extracted $20k as a deposit. The champion takes home $100k, the runner-up earns $30k, and third-place get their deposit back. Therefore, if you finish at 4th place or lower, it’ll be a bad investment of time and money. 

gta 5 online how to earn money premium races
Put your driving skills to the test!

Time Trials ($50k per week)

Requirement: A fast vehicle

Next on our guide to GTA 5 online how to make money fast are Time Trials. You can take place in these events once a week (at the stopwatch icon) for some quick cash. Just get to point A to point B within the time limit. The faster you go, the more money you make. However, you only have a fixed number of tries, so don’t fail too many times. 

gta 5 online how to earn money time trials
Remember, you can only take time trials once a week

VIP Work ($150k per hour)

Requirement: Being an organization member (CEO/VIP)

Once you started your own organization and became the CEO, VIP Work is available for you to make some cash. You can select the type of missions suitable and get rewarded upon completion. There are three missions you want to watch out for Headhunter, Hostile Takeover, or Sightseer. 

gta 5 online how to earn money VIP
VIP Works are great filler jobs in the mid-game

Heist ($400k per hour)

Requirement: A high-end apartment ($200k) and three online friends

Doing Heist is the best GTA 5 online how to make money fast method in the mid-game. It does require more than the others, but the rewards are surely worth-while. Walk to your heist-planning room, find a mission of choice, and complete it with your friends for a hefty chunk of money. Remember, you do need to pay an upfront cost first depending on the heist possible profit. 

gta 5 online how to earn money heist
Gather your trusty friends for a heist!

GTA 5 Online How To Earn Money: Late game

This stage starts after you accumulated around $1-2 million, and unlocked certain requirements in-game. 

Passive Earnings ($80k per hour)

Requirement: Passive facilities (cost $250k - $1.2 million); and being an organization member (CEO/VIP)

Save up your cash to buy certain facilities and unlock the passive earning feature. It’s when you’ve established your own business and earn revenue from doing basically nothing. This is a great way to get some passive income whilst doing other things in the game. Some prominent options are Gunrunning, owning a Motorcycle Club, or a Nightclub. 

gta 5 online how to earn money gunrunning
Gunrunning can net you $80,000 per hour while you're doing other things

Air Freight Cargo

Requirement: Hangar ($1.2 million) being an organization member (CEO/VIP)

This is a great GTA 5 Online how to make money solo method. Select the type of cargo you want to source from the computer in your hangar and complete a mission to get it in. You then can sell the cargo for a good chunk of cash from the same computer. Remember, try to specialize in one type of cargo only, either narcotics, chemicals, or medical supplies to gain bonuses. 

gta 5 online how to earn money air freight
Buy a hangar to unlock Air Freight Cargo

Doomsday Heist

Requirement: Facility ($1.25 million minimum) and 1-3 online friends

Think of this as an upgraded version of the normal heists. The missions are slightly more difficult, and you need to conduct preparation, set-up, and finale stages. The host of the heist will have to pay an upfront cost for each mission, so it’s fair for them to get a bigger cut out of the profit. 

gta 5 online how to earn money doomsday
The Doomsday Heist's more difficult, but also more rewarding

GTA 5 Online How To Earn Money: Some Tips To Speed Up The Grind

  1. Invest in Shark Cards: If you don’t feel like grinding and have some money to spare, why not buy yourself a Shark Card? It’ll give an instant injection of cash to your virtual account and ease the gameplay. You can view the Shark Cards’ prices on Rockstar’s official site.
  2. Mind the game events: There are weekly/special events that you can take advantage of in GTA 5 online. These often offer a great chunk of cash as well as experience to level up your character also. 
  3. Combines multiple methods: It’s never a great idea to put all your eggs in one basket. Diversifying your sources of income will bring much more security and flexibility.
gta 5 online how to earn money shark cards
Buy Shark Cards if you want to cut to the chase immediately

That’s the end of your guide on GTA 5 online how to earn money. Following these methods from start to finish should build you a decent base to further advance in the underground world. For more information, guides, tips, and tricks regarding games, visit our website at